Emory's First Hand Transplant

Emory's First Hand Transplant


In a first for Emory (http://is.gd/RMjwj8), Linda Lu, a 21-year-old college student from Orlando, received a new hand in a 19-hour procedure. The Hand Transplant Transplant and reconstructive surgeons from Emory University Hospital announced today at a news conference that they have successfully performed a rare complete hand transplant on 21-year-old Linda Lu, a college student from Orlando, Fla. This is a first for the Atlanta hospital. The 19-hour surgery took place on Saturday, March 12 and involved multiple teams of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and operating room support staff. Two teams -- one dedicated to the patient -- and the other to the donor arm -- successfully completed the surgery at approximately midnight. The intricate surgery involved the connection of numerous structures including bones, tendons, nerves, vessels and finally the skin. The patient was placed in a protective splint for 48 hours and is now wearing a high-tech brace that supports the limb while she begins the long process to gain function of her new hand. Related Links Rare Hand Transplant Surgery Successfully Performed at Emory University Hospital http://shared.web.emory.edu/whsc/news/releases/2011/03/rare-hand-transplant-surgery.html Emory Hand Transplant Program http://emoryhealthcare.org/transplant-hand/index.html Limb Transplant Pioneer Establishing New Program at Emory http://whsc.emory.edu/press_releases2.cfm?announcement_id_seq=13084

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