ELGI  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   -1 Jan 1900

ELGI  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   -1 Jan 1900

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    SET I:

    1. The pressure p in terms of its mean kinetic energy/unit volume E is

    a .E/3 b.E/2 c.3E/4 d.2E/3 e.5E/4

    2. Convert volumetric to gravitational, relative volume of each constituent of flue gas

    a. %mw b. xmv c. me d. xsw e. %sw

    3. Which is correct for reversible polytrophic process?

    a. temperature constant b. density constant c. volume constant

    d. entropy constant e. same heat transfer

    4. if a gas or vapour allowed to expand through a minute hole

    a. free expansion b. hyperbolic c. adiabatic expansion

    d. parabolic e. throttling

    5. Minimum work of compressor is possible, when the adiabatic index is

    a.0.75 b.1 c.1.27 d.1.35 e.2

    6. Under ideal condition, isothermal, isochoric, adiabatic and isobaric are

    a. static b. dynamic c. quan-static d. stable e. thermodynamic

    7. If a heat engine attains 100% efficiency, then it is

    a. zeroth law b. I law c. II law d. no e. all

    8. If Q1 is the heat in source, Q2 is the cold sink for heat pump then COP

    a. Q1 / (Q1- Q2) b. Q2 / (Q1- Q2) c. (Q1- Q2) / Q1

    9. The output of  diesel engine is increased if

    a. more fuel b. flywheel size c. incoming air

    d. scavenging e. supercharging

    10. Accumulation of carbon in the cylinder increases when

    a. decrease in volume b. volumetric efficiency c. ignition time

    d. effective compression ratio e. travel time

    11. The most popular firing sequence

    a.1234 b.1324 c.1423 d.1243 e.1342

    12. for same power, same speed, flywheel of petrol and diesel engine are

    a. smaller b. greater c. equal d. none

    13. If petrol is used in diesel engine, then

    a. higher knocking b. black smoke c. lot of fuel d. improper combustion

    14. Ans .d) mechanical efficiency

    15. Reciprocating compressor is used for

    a. large quantity of air at high pressure b. large quantity of air at low pressure

    c. low quantity of air at low pressure d . low quantity of air at high pressure

    16. Thermal diffusity

    a. Dimensionless d. used in radiation process

    17. Critical pressure

    18. Cryogenics Ans - Option with engineering

    19. Lean relation for

    a. specific gravity b. dynamic viscosity

    20. Centre of pressure = centre of gravity when

    21. Flow of particles in definite path without change in the path of the particle

    a. one dimensional b. c. turbulent d. steady state

    22. Pressure coefficient is given by

    23. Vortex on whirlpool is due to

    a. cavitation b. wake c. drag

    24. Rotometer is used

    25. Axial flow pump is used

    26. To avoid caviation

    27. Fan laws

    28. Rupture (what it is)

    29. A belt drive, where pulley dia is double, and then it key length must be

    a. doubled b. same c. increase the critical length d.

    30. Surface contact in motion is called

    a. roll pair b. surface pair c. lower pair d. slide

    31. For fluctuating load----------- is used

    a. ball bearing b. roll bearing c. thrust bearing d. sleeve bearing

    32. Transmit power

    33. D1 and D2 are pulley dia, and then the speed is given by

    34. To keep the noise to minimum

    35. In pinion and gear design, the design must be made by

    a. gear b. pinion c. both

    36. The plate is severely deformed at a side then it grains becomes

    a. ductile b. malleable c.

    37. What is recrystallation temperature?

    38. What is austempering?

    39. Acetylene is staid on --------- form

    a. liquid b. solid c. compressed

    40. tool life is concentrated on

    a. cutting speed b. material c. feed or depth

    41. Reamer is used for

    a. b. to correct the size and finish

    42. Statistical quality control charts uses

    a. statistics b. probability c. all the above.

    SET II:

    compressor performance curve
    laser machining a) hard matl b) soft matl )
    dynamic viscosity
    shock absorber purpose
    sp. Heat ratio
    cetane number why
    cantilever ,simple supported beam (SFD,BMD)
    intercooler why
    multistage pr. Problems
    rain water spherical why
    rankine cycle howmany process
    vapour comp ref high head pr same even if comp is switched off why
    adiabatic saturation a)dbt same b)wbt same
    3 phase induction motor direction to be reversed how
    ratio of (not clear) temp in a gas comp adiabatic to isthermal a)>1 b).1 c)=1
    know about isothermal, polytropic, adiabatic
    structure in engg. Mech
    equilibrium conditions
    circle eqn 1d,2d,3d(dimensions)
    ax2+bx+c=0 produt of roots
    2x+y=4 slope
    slip gages in used only for less time and then kept separately
    fuel economy factor
    pr. Gage(manometers)          

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