EIL  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Mahaveer Jain College, Bangalore.-15 Mar 2009

EIL  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Mahaveer Jain College, Bangalore.-15 Mar 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Dear Friends,


    Dis is M V RAO from Electrical & Electronics Engg Stream, Golden Valley Institute of Technology, KGF.


    As usual there are 150 Questions among that,


    1)      50 Questions from General Knowledge. (5-10Q will from English & 40 -45Q from pure GK).

    2)      100 Questions from Technical (Based on there Stream).


    General Knowledge:    


    These Questions will from Sports, dates, places, history, geography and others, the Questions which i can remember are,


    1)      Which place is not in the 7 wonders list?


    2)      Taj Mahal is located in which state?


    3)      Nelegeri hills are famous for what production?


    4)      Famous golf player VIJAY SINGH belongs to which country?


    5)      Pravasi Bharathiya Divas is on which date?


    6)      First president of nation congress?


    7)      Pongal Festival is belongs to which state?


    8)      Which country as first invented tax for nitrogen?


    and 5-10 Questions from English remaining all from pure GK, NO Aptitude Questions.



    Technical (Electrical & Electronics Engg):


    1)      Diac as how many terminals & layers?


    2)      In Dual converter each converters acts as a)both rectifier b)both inverter c)one    

          Inverter & one rectifier d) none.


    3)      Material used for construction of shunts?


    4)      Which meter is used for only DC?


    5)      One question from Per Unit calculation?


    6)      Feedback to the control system increases?


    7)      One question from transformer losses?


    8)      In 3phase converter output frequency will be how many times the supply frequency?


    9)      Arcing contacts are made of which material?


    10)  DC triggering is preferred because of what advantage?


    11)  Illuminations required for ordinary home?


    12)  Which bridge is used for measurement of dielectric strength?


    Complete Electrical subjects shall be prepared to answer the questions correctly. But this time more Questions from power electronics.


    I wish you all colorful future carrier???????.


    Thanks & Regards,


    M V Vishweswara Rao


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