EIL  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-1 Jan 1900

EIL  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-1 Jan 1900

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    7 Jan, 2012



     1.Thorium is mainly originated in

        (i) New Zealand  (ii)Australia   (iii) America

    2.Tajmahal is originally built at

    (i) Rajastan (ii) Madhya pradesh  (iii) Orissa  (iv) West Bengal v) None of these

    3.Famous Golf Player Vijay Singh is which country

    (i) Kenya (ii) Zimbabave (iii) Maldives  (iv) Mauritius

    4.Golden arches is associated with

    (i) KFC  (ii)McDonalds

    5.Progeon is which BPO company

     (i) Infosys  (ii)Wipro (iii) Satyam (iv) ITC

    6.Neelagiri hills is famous for

        (i) Tea  (ii) Coffee  (iii) Rubber  (iv) Spice

    7.The alternative name for Noble prize is

    (i)Right Livelihood prize (ii) Man booker prize (iii) Abel prize

    8.2012 Olympics will be held at

        (i)New York (ii) Paris  (iii) rome (iv)London

    9.The ?way that wind blows? means

    10.The ? dime is dozen? means

    11.First Lady President in INC

    12.Bhagirathi meets Alaganada at

    13.In India which dance is ?Ballet of East?

         (i)Kathak (ii) Manipuri (iii) Kuchipudi (iv) Bharatha Natyam

    14.LTTE is associated with

     (i)Sri lanka (ii) Tamil nadu (iii) Japan (iv) Afghanistan

    15.Who imposed the carbon tax

    16.Steve fosset is associated with

    17.Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam is associated with

    (i)SLV (ii) GSLV (iii) PSLV  (iv) KSLV

    18.Jhon Players is associated with

          (i)ITC  (ii) IOCL (iii) Accenture (iv) NTPC

    19.Who is called the Father of modern Biology

          (i) Mendel (ii) Charles (iii) Darwin     

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