EIL  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Jaipur-6 Apr 2008

EIL  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Jaipur-6 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    As usual there were 150 questions. 50 of general knowledge and 100 technical. Negative marking-1/4 to wrong answer General knowledge questions were not very difficult.

    There no questions from resoninng and english. Also no question from aptitude section, it was pure gk.

    On the technical questions from sections like machine, power system, cables,power electronics, control system, measurment etc. most of them were the basic questions. It was not very difficult at all.

    One who has covered all these sections, can easily solve the paper. They were not also time consuming. So time was not the major concern.

    Some of questions are-
    Distridution transformers are connected in configuration-
    Star/delta               b. delta/star             c. star/star                d. delta/delta
    In radial system, power is fed from-
    From one end       b. from two ends        c.centre                 d. none
    What is capacitance grading-
    What is voltage regulation-
    Stinging chart is used for-
    For an existing transmission line, the string efficiency is 80%. Now if for same set up, dc is supplied, what will be the string efficiency-
    a.80%              b.more than 80%          c. less than 80%            d. 100%       
    7. skin effect depends on frequency-              
    a.directly proportional     b. inversnaly proporsanal        c.sqare of frequency    d. none       
    8. coefficient of reflection of an open ended line is-               
    a. 1       b. -1     c.0      d. none       
    9. the power loss in an overloaded line is mainly due to-              
    a. resistance    b. capacitance               d. inductance                      d. none    
    10.voltage at generation stage is usually-             
    a.11kv    b.33kv       c.66kv      d.220kv   
    11.HRC fuses provides best protection against-             
    a. short circuits     b. lightining    c. sparking     d. fire   
    12. resistance switching is used in case of-       
    a. air blast CB    b. bulk oil CB    c. minimum oil CB    d.  all types of CB
    13. campared to ac, in dc corona loss is-
    14.corona effect is more prominent in weather conditions-
    15.in force voltage analogy mass is analogus to-      
    a. R       b. L     c.  C         d. current
    16.phase margin of the system is used to-      
    a. relative stability     
    b. absolute stabilty     
    c. time response     
    d. frequency response
    17.wattmeter measures-
    a. volt ampere
    b. volt ampere reactive
    c. apperent power
    d. true power
    18.inductance is measured by-
    a. wein bridge
    b. sechiring bridge
    c. maxwell bridge
    d. hay bridge
    19.form factor in ac means the ratio of-
    a. peak to avg. value   b.peak to rms value      c. rms to avg. value     d. rms to peak value
    20.in a single phase converter, the no. of SCR conducting during overlap
    a.1        b.2          c. 3      d. 4
    21.in a three-phase full converter, output voltage pulsates at frequency of
    a. f    b. 2f       c. 3f        d. 6f
    22.in a three-phase full  converter, every SCR conducts for-
    a.60deg.       b. 120deg.        C.180deg.      d.90deg

    These are some of the questions which I could remember. If you have looked to all the above mentioned section, its quite a simple paper for you. i hope this paper help you in your preparation.

    ALL THE BEST for whatever you are preparing for.

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