EIL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-6 Apr 2008

EIL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-6 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello everyone, I am HIMANSHU PAL from INSTRUMENTATION branch.
    The written test of EIL was scheduled on 6th April 2008 (sunday). The test was quite easy  the cutoff is generally around 115 .Pattern is such that total 150 questions were  in the test .Out of 150 questions, 100 are of technical and 50 are of GK. Minus marking is there and it is 1/4th.i.e., 0.25 marks cut for every wrong answer. each question carry equal marks (1 mark each). Question paper was taken by them  just after completion of exam . I remembered few questions which r as :

    Non technical section :  50 questions r there....some of them are:
    1) who was the first deputy prime minister of india?
    a)sardar patel b)jawaharlal nehru c)murarji desai d)charan singh
    2) who was the first governer general of SBI?
    options r given.
    3)Date of world's health day
    options r given
    4)inventor of ballistic missile?
    options r given
    5)first lady prime minister of world?
    options r given
    6)youngest cricket captain of india
    a) nawab pataudi b)kapil dev c)sachin  d)lala amarnath
    7)first crickter to take hattrick
    a)kapil dev b)chetan sharma c)richard headlee d)none of these
    8)how many judges r there in supreme court other than chief justice?
    a)23 b)32 c)11 d) 18
    9)how many spokes r there in ashok chakra?
    a)24 b)32 c)26 d) 23
    10)who came as chief guest on 59th independence day of india?
    a)george bush b)tony blair, two more options r there don?t remember that
    11)1 question on missile
    a) agni b)trishul c)prithvi
    12)name the only indian which is viceroy in british rule
    a)rajagopalachari b)jawaharlal nehru c)vijyalakshmi pandit and 1 more option
    13)how many percent of land in india is coverd by forest?
    a)14% b)19% c)22% d)25%
    14))which crop require more water among them
    a)paddy b)wheat c)maize d)bajra
    15)when our constitution was made
    i think no need 2 give options
    16)who said jai jawan jai kisaan ?
    a)lal bahadur shastri b) sardar patel c)jawaharlal nehru d)charan singh
    17)which is the red planet?
    a)mars b)mercury c) venus 4)pluto
    18) petroleum head office (someting like cant remember properly)
    a)bagdad b)geneva c)viena d)can't remember
    19)which is land locked contry ?
    a)zimbabwe b)tanzania c)two options more
    20)where is national institute of ocean technology ?
    a)mumbai b)banglore c)hyderabad d)none of these
    21)india has which type of economy?
    a)developed b)mixed 3)socialist 4)none of these
    22)meaning of inflation?
    options given
    23)which country is not in saarc?
    options given
    24)name of lord which is highly associated with rig veda?
    a)indra b)agni 3)vishnu 4)none
      25)name the famous odissi dancer?
    options given
    26)which has high velocity?
    a)hurricane b)cyclone c)anticyclone d)none,
    27). highest income of government is by
    a)direct taxes b)indirect taxes c)none
    28)2006 commonwealth games were organised at?
    a)melbourne b)greece c)india d)none
    29)first educational satellite?
    30)arrange the word mentle in decreasing order from:
     mentality, mentle, mood, metal
    options r given.

    so , these r the non technical questions which i able to remember

    Now,  Technical section :100 questions r there in the test  some of them are:
    (4 options r given  in all questions u have to choose 1)

    1)full form of LVDT?
    2)modbus protocol is used by which type of transmission?
    3)graph of capacitive transducer resembles with which type of filter?
    4)odometer is used for?
    5)which is ore of lead?
    6)1 question on telemetry
    7)systematic errors are caused by?
    8)7 to 8 questions on motors plzz prepare it well
    9)1 question on coupler
    10)1 question is on antenna
    11)2 to 3 questions on thermocouple.
    12)main function of data storage system?
    13)3 asymptotes angle has options given (not remebered properly)
    14)if bandwidth doubled than noise ?
    15)which is faster TTL, ECL, etc?
    16)hogging current is in ECL ,TTL,DTL?
    17)a word is given and asked whether it is american or german standard
    18)1500'c temp. can be measured by?
    19)1 question on bimettalic thermostat.
    20)if we add all active components in the system than system is stable ,non stable ,etc
    21)1 question is from butterworth and chebyshev filter
    22)7 to 8 questions were from signal and systems.

    these r some of questions ....that came in EIL

    in technical part, they asked mainly from instrumentation part so go through AK sawhney
    rest is from digital electronics ,analog and digital communication, etc

    if u want ask any question related to pattern of written or any thing related to written of EIL..
    u may contact me on : himanshu_2776@yahoo.co.in



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