Efunds  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -1 Jan 1900

Efunds  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -1 Jan 1900

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    7 Jan, 2012

    efunds Sample Test Paper 

    Elimination Round

    40 qus, Time;-40min

    20 quant , T 20 English;-


    1)- x/y=3, x-a/y-b=3,a/b=

    2)- date problem (2)

    not exact but if thureday (5)1947 then

    what day will be

    the of 1999=(2question)

    3)- deer is chaned by time the speed is given i both and disrence of

    200 m is given than how time will deer run before bring cought.

    4)- truck going fore one plaee to one there 18 blocks whit distance of 1 mile between

    3 blocks. what is the speed of truck if it teken 9 min.

    5)- what is the parssing percentage of non(. )cheek the ans is.


    6)- A person is to finish his work on wed 95th sepetember but he will by 48 days on.

    which day he complete the work.

    7)- probatrisiy. two out herant dier are rulled. what are one the chenese of getting some digit.


    8)- A,B two truck. distanes between to point is given.if A gets 48m start then he reached 1/10the sec

    elso if B gets starts then reached .

    so find the speed of (A or B).

    9)- temperelieer 8. first four day avg given last four avg aveirge given. then find the temp of the 4th


    10)- maker a century in 11th month this avereg in oreases by 5%. what was averese of last 10 month and

    what is the averes (11th)month.

    11)- 1, 2, 6, 24, 120-------(720).

    12)- one sereis 15, 12, 13, 10, 11, 8---------------------


    13)- A+B+C=45,


    B+C=43, (find the veelu of B.).

    14)- Bes relatid Q A R F type regose then he doennot go.

    (option 3).

    2end part;-


    study the antonyms & synonyms for there words;-

    1)- enervate

    2)- pragmatice

    3)- phlagmatic

    4)- insipidness

    5)- exceprt; noval;; nomalies.

    6)- question for paliament ans(excption to it).

    7)- dogmatic

    8)- anomaly ans (deviation from rules).

    9)- two related words. ans(redundancy).

    10)- premonitoin->it is the answer;

    11)-do the subject and predicati;

    12)- opaque;; light->(anomaly);

    3rd part;-

    techincal question;-

    only for qualified student;-

    25Q;----------------------------->15 min;

    1)-what is link or c?

    2)- which company invented transistor for (options)


    3)-what is the value returen by printf on error always.

    ans;- -ve;

    4)-Nortel is associted which?

    5)- cylomatic complesilty-----------

    ans;- white ,box ,testing;

    6)- water fall model ;- ans;- a

    7)- alpha and beta-------------- testing;

    8)- c--- prog; ans;- b;

    9)- default part of UDP.

    10)- how to acess remote login?


    11)- two question besed on RAM .

    (It's composetion);

    12)- what is the thing used in  laptop but not in persanal computer. aphtoin;- paraelel, USB,IEEE,102.3;

    13)- which I.P adderss in

    invealide.(142;,7;,192;,11) this is not the ans but the patteren ;

    14)- aouble to float conversin;

    what is called; ans;- casting;

    15)- what is truncation?

    16)- what is not true regarding AVL frees.


    1)- strers on area of interset;-

    2)- write"C",code;

    linked , list;

    fibonacci, series;

     SQL Questions

    staek prog;


    there may be some error in ques...........

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