EDS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Chennai-12 May 2008

EDS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Chennai-12 May 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi friends, this is hai2sasi( MCa 2008 passout @ velammal) from chennai, here i would like to share some moments which i had with suebz Azure (telecom king).

    I am a normal student, i won't score more marks in subjects, but i like to improve myself.in my UG i have my % 59.6%... so i lost most of top companies.. like TCS, Wipro, HCL..
    i used to atten all my off-campus as fun trip. mean while subex came to S.A Eng college.

    there was 3 sections :
    1. Technical Written
    2. Tech HR

    3. HR (here also u will be asked ques in C)

    For clear first round i have to be very strong with C concepts like .. pointers, structure.. I was worked hard on C while preparing for placement..( it made me to clear written)
    please, please go through all yasvanth kanithker books.. don't miss even single topic.
    Don't ever go for balagurusamy.. won't help no more except exams.
    we were around 3000 wrote written exams, onlr 40 has been shortlisted after 2 weeks..they called me to tagore eng, chennai for tech interview.
    i was reached at 9 AM.. interview started with 4 panels, for each one it took more than 3 hours.. i think this is the toughest part..
    at last they called me at 8 PM as 38th person, i was losed my hope!..
    there was a man, he gave me a program (he knows tat it can't be solved)..
    Even i tried .. but did't accept tat logic.. so finally am not selected..

    "it was my life's very unlucky day" but i am DAM sure " one day i will be working as "SUBEZIAN" 
    they selected 6 out off 40 frm B.E. 

    THIS is a small part which i had while my placement time. i am totally out of studies. but my hard work helped me!... ya at lost i got placed in EDS....( ha ha.. hoooooooo). so friends.. don't ever lose u r confident..

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