ECIL  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   -27 Aug 2011

ECIL  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   -27 Aug 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello frnds,I am gouthami.I have written ecil get cse paper 2011 on august 28.the paper was not really too much tough but It is easy if u know all fundamentals.the question paper was for  150 marks and 50 questions each carry 3 marks and negative marking will be der i.e., 1 mark will be cutted for 1 each wrong answer.some of the books I suggest are MCQ in CSE by Williams Thomas and PSU in cse?.these booka are more than enough?.

    The subjects which u need to prepare are networks.

    2.operating systems. security

    4.compiler design.



    7.microprocessor organization programming

    These subjects only fundamentals are necessary to be prepared.

    So I remember only few questions and I am giving u.

     1)in networks if the address size of ipv4 is 4 bytes then for ipv6 how many bytes does it take.

    a.6 bytes b.8 bytes c.16 bytes d.none  Ans:c

     2)the full form of ssl is Ans:secure socket layer.

    3)to generate an digital signature which of the following components are necessary

     a.encryption b.encoding c.hash function d.none

     4)routing is possible in which layer ANS:network

    5)1 c program


    6)one gate has given the or gate is used with --------------gate to produce an or gate Ans:NAND


    7)in 8086 to produce an effective address by using 20 bit address we use ------

    Ans: CS+IP

    8)which of the following occurs to belody?s anomaly


    9)-5 can be represented in binary form as____________

    10)signed integer for 16bit is ANS:-32768 to +32767

    11)which of the following class  belongs to

    ANS: class B

    12)which of the following is error detection code ANS:crc


    13)atm is used for _______________ switching  ANS:packet switching

     14)which of the following layers are used for routing.. ANS:network layer

     15)one small c program on conditional operator

     16)worst case time complexity of quick sort is________ ANS:o(n^2)

     17)a join that shows the null values is ANS:outer join

     18)the problem of using priority scheduling is________


    19)which of the following are used for charged particles


     a)alpha b)beta c)gamma d)none.

     20)if the books are soted in a given order which are already sorted is___________

       Ans: stable

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