ECIL  Placement Paper   Technical - Electronics   OIST, Bhopal-26 Dec 2010

ECIL  Placement Paper   Technical - Electronics   OIST, Bhopal-26 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi I'm Manish Kumar Ahirwar. I gave the ECIL exam for EE on 26 December, 2010.

    My branch is Electrical.

    Name of the post: Graduate Engineer Trainee (Electrical)

    Duration: 2 hours

    No. of question: Only 50 (Technical only)

    1 question= 3 marks

    Negative marking: 1/3 rd

    There are no question from Aptitude, GA. So question paper was based on technical based
    Some question are.
    Which turbine used for low head (kaplan, pelton etc.)

    * Two x-mer a & b have 50hz and 400hz frequency. Which is big a or b

    * What is the use of ready signal in 8085 up

    * Two lamp connected in series than total power drawn?

    * What is unit of flux density?

    * What is the ratio of magnetic field intensity to flux density?

    * One question from synchronous motor

    * Calculate Rth of given ckt?

    * Two questions from thevnin theorem

    * What is use of MOV?

    * Calculate the frequency of parallel Resonance ckt?

    * One question from OPAM (calculate o/p voltage)?

    * Calculate load current of Bridge rectifier?

    * One program on C?

    * Which diode made by metal& semiconductor?

    * Which sensor not used  for measurement of wight? (capacitor, strain gauge, piezoelectric)

    * Which GATE used as a Comparator( OR, AND, EX-OR, None of these)

    * One question from Lagging-leading?

    * Calculate the Laplace of te^-at?

    * Given a characteristics equation of stable system find value of a?

    * When we used a negative feed back in Oscillator?

    * Which is used for amplification purpose (Ans. Transistor)

    * In CE configuration why Capacitor used parallel with resistor of emitter?

    * If sin i/p is given in vertical plate of CRO and nothing on horizontal what will happen?

    * Calculate the Time constant of RC ckt

    * If sinusoidal ip is given to schimit trigger what will be output?

    * Calculate the RMS value of given voltage?

    * Filter roll off characteristics on the basis of active/passive, order, type of components?

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