ECIL  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012

    ECIL Company Profile

    Corporate View:

    ECIL was setup under the Department of Atomic Energy on 11th April, 1967 with a view to generate a strong  indigenous capability in the field of professional grade electronics. The initial accent was on total self-reliance and ECIL was engaged in the Design, Development, Manufacture and Marketing of several products with emphasis on three technology lines viz. Computers, Control Systems and Communications. Over the years, ECIL pioneered the development of various complex electronics products without any external technological help and scored several 'firsts' in these fields prominent among them being country's


    • First Digital Computer
    • First Solid State TV
    • First Control & Instrumentation of Nuclear Power Plants
    • First Earth Station Antenna
    • First Computerized Operator Information System
    • First Radiation Monitoring & Detection Systems
    • First Automatic Message Switching Systems
    • First Operation & Maintenance Center For E-108 Exchange
    • First Programmable Logic Controller
    • First Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder
    • First Electronic Voting Machines

    The company played a very significant role in the training and growth of high caliber technical and managerial manpower especially in the fields of Computers and Information Technology. Though the initial thrust  was on meeting the Control & Instrumentation requirements of the Nuclear Power Program, the expanded scope of self-reliance pursued by ECIL enabled the company to develop various products to cater to the needs of  Defence, Civil Aviation, Information & Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Police, and Para-Military Forces, Oil & Gas, Power, Space Education, Health, Agriculture, Steel and Coal sectors and various user departments in the Government domain. ECIL thus evolved as a multi-product company serving multiple sectors of Indian economy with emphasis on import of country substitution and development of products & services that are of economic and strategic significance to the country.


    Established: 1967


    Location:      Hyderabad , India


    In addition to its primary focus on chosen areas of Strategic Electronics and IT, the Company took upon itself certain areas with a view to sub serve certain obligations of enterprises. Mostly, they are confined to the societal and rural sectors focusing on health care, education, agriculture and such related areas.


    The initiatives in these areas are generally promoted either through negotiations during MoU meetings, reviews by Secretary, DAE, interactions during visits by VVIPS and the organisation linkages with academic institutions and central / state level organistions. Most of them essentially come under the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate Communications Division acts as an effective spokesman of ECIL to the outside world and project a good image of the organization.


    It will also provide information and feedback from the public such as Media, Customers, Government officials, general public to the Management. Standard Quality Assurance Group will provide state of the art and best in class services in the selected areas of Quality Management with due regard to customer satisfaction in terms of quality, cost, delivery and response. Corporate Business Development Group is a place of professional excellence in market development and a dependable companion of all Business Divisions as well as the Management to provide services in market-promotion & business development for all the products, projects and services across the Enterprise .


    India Locations:  Hyderabad , Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi , Bangalore .


    Corporate Office:

    Electronics Corporation of India Limited,
    PO.ECIL, Hyderabad - 500 062. 
    Phone: 91-40-27120131


    Work Culture:


    They embrace diversity; Diversity is a cornerstone of their culture.


    Being an organization with a global foot print, you will notice their employees come from the most diverse of backgrounds: be it location, race, educational background, faith, all working towards one common goal. This diversity manifests to boundless energy, which percolates to all levels across the organization.


    How to Apply:


    You can apply for ECIL job.


    For more information please visit official website.


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