Debris Flow Chile

Debris Flow Chile


This movie features a debris flow originating from the steep valley walls of the Cajon del Maipo, in the Chilean Andes. The highest peaks surrounding this area are over 6000m, the slopes where the flow originated are upto ~3000m. The local slopes are steep, loose and sparsely vegetated. This is a tectonically active area and faults and folds are abundant. There is a lot of talus and loose debris sediment available, due to the young age of the Andes Mountain Range. The movie first shows an overview of the debris flow source slope.The biggest flow occurred early during the event. It shows boulders moving in a viscous mudflow. It appears the boulders are lifted of the bed. The estimated velocity of the flow was 2 m/s. The large flow built small levees and Small side channels transport few cm-thick flow of viscous mud following existing topographic depressions. Eventually the flow reaches the main river channel running through the Cajon de Maipo.

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