Deborah Robinson '78, Gaudino Dialogues 2008

Deborah Robinson '78, Gaudino Dialogues 2008


Creating Social Justice. Gaudino Dialogue with Deborah Robinson, Williams Class of 1978, Program Director of Emergency Network Los Angeles. Dr. Robinson is an internationally recognized facilitator with more than 20 years experience working with organizations and movements around the world. She was the founder and executive director of International Possibilities Unlimited (IPU), in which she focused her attention on developing the capacity of domestic organizations to participate more effectively in international forums such as the United Nations. Prior to that, Dr. Robinson worked at the World Council of Churches' Program to Combat Racism, working with churches, ecumenical organizations, and movements from around the world on issues of racism and minority group rights. She was responsible for organizing a major World Council of Churches/National Council of Churches initiative in the United States on Racism as a Violation of Human Rights.

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