DCI  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Numerical   Not Specified-31 Dec 1899

DCI  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Numerical   Not Specified-31 Dec 1899

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    English Language Testing Question Sheet

    1. Answer all the questions

    2. Each question carries 1 mark

    3. Read the instruction carefully before answering the questions

    4. No Negative marks for any questions

    I. Directions (For questions 1 to 4): Please find the word opposite in meaning from the choices given below

    1. Magnanimous

    (1) Small (2) selfish (3) naive (4) generous

    1. Counterfeit

    (1) standardized (2) duplicate (3) original (4) discordant

    1. Perseverance

    (1) Persistence (2) resolution (3) reluctance (4) instability

    1. Obsolete

    (1) Rare (2) recent (3) useless (4) conducive
    II. Directions (For questions 5 to 9): Each of the following five sentences has a blank space and four words or groups of words are given after the sentence. Of these four choices, select the word or group of words which you consider the most appropriate for the blank space.

    1. To the dismay of all the students, the class monitor was _______________ berated by the Principal at a school assembly.

          1. critically (b) ignominiously (c) prudently (d) fortuitously

    2. All attempts to revive the fishing industry were ____________ failure.

    (a) foredoomed to (b) heading at (c) predicted for (d) estimated to

    1. There are ____________ parked outside than yesterday.

          1. Fewer cars (b) few cars (c) less cars (d) a small number of cars

    2. The minister had to __________ some awkward questions from reporters.

    (a) Fend (b) fend at (c) fend out (d) fend off

    1. The ___________ of evidence was on the side of the plaintiff since all but one of the witnesses testified that his story was correct.

    (a) Propensity (b) force (c) preponderance (d) brunt
    III. Directions (For questions 10 to 14): Each of the following questions consists of a sentence in which four words or phrases are underlined. These are marked as 1, 2, 3 and 4. Identify the incorrect word or phrase. Also specify the correct word or phrase to be used.

    1. Although a doctor may be able to diagnose(1) a problem perfect,(2) he still may not be able to (3) find a drug to which(4) a patient will respond.

    1. For the first time in the history of the country the person, which(1) was recommended (2) by the President to replace(3) a retiring(4) justice of Supreme Court is a woman.

    1. Despite of (1) the pills which(2) are available in the market, many people still (3) have trouble sleeping(4).

    1. There are(1) twenty varieties of wild roses all of which have(2) prickly stems, small leaves, and large flowers which(3) usually smell sweetly(4).

    1. Whoever(1) inspected this(2) music system should have put(3) their(4) identification number on the box.

    IV. Directions (For questions 15 to 19): Fill in the blanks in the following sentences by selecting the appropriate word from the given choices.

    1. To reach the arrangement, each side had to ____________ by giving up some of its demands.

    (1) compliment (2) compensate (3) compromise (4) comply

    1. He found the ___________ of his factory job difficult to bear.

    (1) monopoly (2) malpractice (3) magnanimity (4) monotony

    1. She is a well known environmentalist. She ___________ any kind of cruelty to animals.

        1. abhors (2) acquits (3) accedes (4) abides

    1. A large number of trees ______________ themselves by seeds.

        1. Promulgate (2) pronounce (3) propagate (4) prostrate

    1. One can trace her ___________ back to King Charles I.

        1. linen (2) lineage (3) lineament (4) lining

    Sequencing of sentences:
    V. Directions (For questions 20 to 24): In the following items each passage consists of six sentences. The first sentence (S1) and the sixth sentence (S6) are given in the beginning. The other four sentences in each set have been jumbled up. These are labeled P, Q, R and S. You are required to find the proper sequence of the four sentences and mark accordingly.
    Example ?X? has been solved for you.

    1. S1: There was a boy named Jack.

    S6: At last she turned him out of the house.
    P: So the mother asked him to find work.
    Q: They were very poor.
    R: He lived with his mother.
    S: But Jack refused to work.
    The proper sequence should be:
    (a) R Q P S (b) P Q R S (c) Q P R S (d) R P S Q
    Explanation: The proper sequence in this example is R Q P S which is Marked by (a). Therefore, (a) is the correct answer.

    20. S1: A city tour organized by the airport got our next vote.
    S6:?We can only grow in height as most of our land is reclaimed from the mud Brought from neighboring countries?, said Bernadette.
    P: A bumboat ride through the Singapore River gave us a vantage view of the country?s prized possession of skyscrapers in the central business district.
    Q: The tour is very popular with transit passengers and there are many such buses doing the route.
    R: We were greeted into an air-conditioned Volvo bus with a bottle of chilled water.
    S: On the drive through the ?colonial heart? of the city, our guide, Bernadette, pointed out the Parliament House, Supreme Court and City Hall to us.
    The proper sequence should be:
    (a) R S Q P (b) P Q S R (c) R Q S P (d) P S Q R
    21. S1: But Bhutan is a curious mix of modern and the medieval.
    S6: His license plate reads simply ?BHUTAN?.
    P: It was next to a speed limit sign: 8 km an hour.
    Q: Even the king zips through in a navy blue Toyota Land Cruiser.
    R: I noticed a rusty sign for the Kit Kat chocolate bar and realized it was the only advertisement I had seen.
    S: Yet in the cities, most middle class people drive brand new Japanese cars.
    The proper sequence should be:
    (a) S Q R P (b) R P S Q (c) S P R Q (d) R Q S P
    22. S1: His usually fretful features composed, Javagal Srinath announced his retirement from international cricket.

    S6: He finished with 236 wickets in 67 Tests and 315 in 229 one-day Internationals.
    P: He had spent the early years of his 13-year career sitting out nine Tests when he was at his quickest, being reminded of everything he was not.

    Q: In a classic case of appreciating a good thing when it is gone, the tributes poured in for India?s most successful pace bowler after Kapil Dev.
    R: Not aggressive enough, not a non-vegetarian, not an all-rounder.
    S: Srinath soldiered on, whether wickets were flat or causes lost, as they often were when India toured.

    The proper sequence should be:
    (a) Q P R S (b) R S Q P (c) Q S R P (d) R P Q S
    23. S1: However, the flower industry also has its share of thorns.
    S6: Also, there are not tax concessions from the government.
    P: Most companies have to individually invest in the transport, which is very costly.
    Q: Then there are infrastructural bottlenecks?no refrigerated transport or retail chains and warehouses to store the highly perishable commodity.
    R: For one, it is extremely fragmented and dominated by small players who don?t have the financial muscle to expand the business.
    S: Ferns & Petals claims to be the only flower retailer with a multi-city presence in India.
    The proper sequence should be:
    (a) Q S R P (b) R P Q S (c) Q P R S (d) R S Q P
    24. S1: One could well be forgiven for momentarily confusing Spencer Plaza,
    Chennai, with a Dubai shopping mall.
    S6: Sensing that healthcare plus tourism adds to big opportunities, corporate hospitals, in cooperation with tour operators, are promoting India as a healthcare destination from the Middle East to Far East.
    P: Having satiated their shopping instincts, many head back, not to a hotel, but to a hospital, and to ailing relatives.
    Q: Arabs pour in and out of trendy showrooms, laden with bags full of branded clothes, footwear and cosmetics.
    R: It is a scenario being replicated across India.
    S: For these are tourists with a difference, attracted to India for its cutting edge medical expertise more than its charms.
    The proper sequence should be:
    (a) Q P S R b) S R Q P (c) Q R S P (d) S P Q R
    VI. Directions (For questions 25 to 30): Each of the following six items consists of a word in capital letters, followed by four words or groups of words. Select the word or group of words that is most similar in meaning (Synonym) to the word in capital letters.

    (a) Intimidate (b) Humiliate (c) Predict (d) Postpone
    26. RESCIND
    (a) Cancel (b) Enjoy (c) Praise (d) Receive
    (a)Pathetic (b) Tiresome (c) Guarantee (d) Magnanimous
    28. KNAVE
    (a) Novice (b) Dishonest (c) Futuristic (d) Traditional
    29. FINESSE
    (a) Skill (b) Softness (c) Charm (d) Gist

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