CTS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Valliammai Engineering College-13 Jun 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Valliammai Engineering College-13 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    I am Boopathi..Valliammai Engineering College. Cognizant visited my campus on 14th june 2007. totaly 350 students attended the test 205 were selected for interview and finally 101 candidates were selected

    at 9:00A.M the placement talk

    SECTION - I  (30 mins)
    5 ques on Binary nos
    ( if 1 is replaced by $ and 0 by * so how is lcm of 56,45 represented as ? )
    Problem on Cubes
    filling series
    3 sums on maths
    Statement and Assumptions
    a problem on Venn Diagram
    Puzzle (arrangements problems)

    Try to do some Puzzles in R.S aggarwal as they will help you in cracking logic.

    SECTION - II  English (20 mins)
    2  Reading Comprehension
    Find the incorrect sentences
    Find the correct sentences
    Jumbled sentences which u have to arrange in an order

    SECTION - III  (20 mins)
    Statement - Conclusion
    find the decision sentence from d given sentence much like statement conclusion but u got to read n interpret instead of drawing venn diagrams
    Pick the odd one out
    next figure
    one puzzle again
    And i got in to interview.. 

    My interview was soo interesting..i really enjoyed my interview..

    me:Good Evening Mam
    int:Good Evevning
    int: Tell something about urselves
    me: said interestingly and she got imprssed
    int: looked up  my hobies and said" is writing poem is ur hobby??" can u say a small poem now?
    me: i said .. she got impressed,, bcs i said about the poem about the smoking.. and it wasthe poem i have written in the mid night 2:00A.M that
    helped me at that time
    int: good.. hope u r no a smoker.. ha ha
    int: why cts?
    me: i said i am a different thinker and i said some examples i did in my class and during my seminars
    int: what is polymorphism?
    me: said
    int:do u know any os?
    me: windoes and unix
    int:what shell u r using in unix?
    me: dont know.. but i said politely
    int:its not a problem.. how u update with latest things happ ?
    me: i use to attend many symposiums and workshops.. and i said the examples i presented the papers ands
    int: how u satisfy our needs..
    me: said interestingly.. my strengths.. and lot
    and the session was as conversation..
    and it goes on some tech qns and some HR qns..
    lot of questions on leadership and teamwork and how can i do it,, .. be as urs and come with ur won experience in life and explain it.. they
    wil impress ur way of approach to the problem..
    and at 8:00p.m results announced. i am one of 101 selected...

    its not at all matter how much u know... its all matter how much u can present..be as urs and win the situation...

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