CTS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   KOLKATA-8 Apr 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   KOLKATA-8 Apr 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012

     CTS PAPER - 08 APR 2006 - KOLKATA

    This is Sania. my friend got selected in CTS on Campus . I got latest pattern +hr+tech question.
    Test held at---- RCCIIT---KOLKATA
                          selected for interview----125
                          final selection------72
    i have assembled hr +technical question from my friend and the successful candidates.

    Appti------70 questions---------1 hour---------no -ve
    Arithmatic on speed/time/simple/compound/2-3 puzzles interest/probability/equation/number series etc

    English----preposition/article/sentense correction/voice change/passage
    LR----analogy/series/direction sense test etc

    Technical question-----they asked questin on electrical engineering and electronics apart from computer science questions to electrical & electronics students---

    1.what is the difference between neutral,earth and ground?
    2.difference between drieft and difusion current?
    3.wat is tranformer?
    4.why we generatate sinusoidal wave in generating station instead of genarating squre or triangular wave? 
    5.wat is inductive,resistive and capacitive load?
    6.wat is fantom loading?
    7.difference between load shading and current off?

    1.wat is quantum numbers?
    2.wat is triode?how it differs from diode?
    3.difference between electrical and electronics?
    4.wat is semiconductor?
    5.wat is microwave?
    6.two valley theorem?
    7.wat is the snr?
    8.wat is the application of probability theory in communication?
    9.wat is VSWR?
    10.wat is white noice?
    11.wat is banwidth?

      IT & COMPUTER:-----
    1.why c language called c not d or e?
    2.wat is variable?
    3.wat is do while loop?
    5.wat  printf returns?
    6.wat is srorage class?
    8.os questions
    9.8085/86 questions etc
    10.client server architechture
    11.networking lair
    12.wat is object?
    13.wat is jdbc?
    14.jar/war file
    15.explin public static void main

    HR QUESTION:------
    1.tell us somthing about your idol man or woman?
    2.wat do u know about our company?
    3.tell us about the effect on sensex on state bank of india strike?
    4.wat is shere?
    5.wat is office of profit?
    6.do u agree on the reservation hike on education?
    7.wat u think ganguly have still aplace in indian cricket team?
    8.why do u want this job?
    9.how long would u expect u stay with us if selected?
    10.yor strengths and weekness
    11.where do u see yorself in next 10 years?
    12.wat will be yor plan if i ask u to built small software company and make it like cognizent?
    13.how would your friend describe u?
    14.wat outside interest do u have?
    15.wat have u read and enjoyed lately?
    16.what motivates u?
    17.how well do u take direction?
    18.how do u handle criticisim?
    19.do u enjoy doing routine task?
    20.r u a natural leader?
    21.how do u work in a team?
    22.how creative r u?
    23.wat u dislike most at work?
    23.how does this job fit into your carrer plan?
    24.when would u expect promotion?
    25.wat sort of people u find difficult to work with?
    26.tell me a story?
    26.sell me this pen.
    27.wat do u think about the war in irak
    28.how much do u think u r worth?
    29.if u get chance in other software company wat u will do?
    30.suppose u love a girl in your college and ur father dont like her wat u do?

    they asked 6 to 10 questins to each applicant

    (Paper Submitted By : Sania Singh, Kolkata)

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