CTS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   JIS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (Candidate Experience)-26 Sep 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   JIS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (Candidate Experience)-26 Sep 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I am TAPASREE  BISWAS  , B-TECH 4th  yr  ECE STUDENT [ 2012 passed out batch ]

    CTS came to our college (JIS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, KALYANI )  in 27th september.

    Firstly d company gave a PPT.Listen d PPT carefully cz sometimes question asked from dat PPT,

    CTS selection process consist 2 steps,


    APTITUDE TEST consist two parts


    For  ANALYTICAL  part practice following chapters. Chapters are mentioned bellow as per there importance..For ANALYTICAL  part ? R.S. AGGARWAL?S VERBAL & NON-VERBAL BOOK?  is more than enough.

    1. Puzzle Test (very very important for CTS apti)
    2. Syllogism (very very important for CTS apti)
    3. Figure related problem( suppose 4 figures are given , find out d odd one which is differ from d other three figures)
    4. Cube & dice
    5. Coding decoding
    6. Odd man out
    7. Blood relations

    VERBAL part consist

    1. Two passages [ first passage is very lengthy & 4 questions are given from dat passage & d 2nd passage is short in length but little bit tough]
    2. Fours sentences are given as option ,find the  incorrect sentence.
    3. Fours sentences are given as option ,find the  correct sentence.
    4. There are group of jumbled words , arrange those words so that it can make a sentence with  proper meaning.

    Before appearing in interview go through d companies profile carefully like d name of CEO,CFO,COO, current employee number, founder?s name along with year of foundation,meaning of  COGNIZANT ( i.e. knowledge).

    Go through ur C.V. properly. Your c.v. should be small and compact with all correct informations.

    CTS told us to make d C.V. within two page.

    Before appearing in d P.I. don?t forget to take d C.V., all ORIGINAL MARKSHEET &

    passport size photos ,college id.

    I have to show all my original documents and marksheet during interview.

    I am a ECE student. I gave  C , D.S. & Microprocessor 8085 as my favorite subjects in C.V.

    ECE students read BASIC ELECTRONICS very well.though I did not give dis subject bt so many questions was asked from dis subject.




    It was 7:30p.m. when my have been called for my P.I. round.


    Me:-May I come in sir?

    Sir:- yes..have a sit..

    Me:- thank u sir..

    Sir:- Can u show me all original mark sheet of 10th & 12th ?

    Me:-sure sir  [ I give all d original mark sheets &  Sir note down d marks of math & science subjects secured in 10th &  12th ]

    Sir:-what is ur average in sem?

    Me:-8.79 sir.

    Sir:- nice Tapasree..so r u d topper in ur class??

    Me:-no sir,,

    Sir:-No ? really ? so?

    Me:-I am not d topper of ECE ..i am in 5th or in 6th position in my stream..

    Sir:-how many students r in ur stream?

    Me:- approximately 110 students are  in ECE..

    Sir:-nice Tapasree..

    Me:- Thanku sir..

    Sir:-can u tell what is d IBM certificate u have been mentioned in ur cv.[I have a IBM certification       course.dat?s why he asked d question]

    Me:-can I show the certificate sir??

    Sir:-sure Tapasree..

    Me:-thank u sir.[ I show d IBM certificate & tell him how I got that certificate,]

    Sir:-Do u ready for relocate?

    Me:-yes sir..for the sake of the project I can go to any place,

    Sir:-write d V-I characteristics of p-n junction diode?

    Yes:-I draw d characteristics .then explain & also tell what is cut-in voltage and d value of cut ?in voltage in case of  ge & Si.

    Sir:- what is call by reference?

    Me:- I explained.
    sir :- Do u write any program which shows d use of call by reference in C?

    Me:-Yes sir,  [  I am going 2 write a prog bt sir stopped me] ..

    Sir:-ok, write a progrm to swap two numbers using a third variable and call by reference..

    Me:-I write properly &  explain..

    Sir:- draw d internal diagram of IC555?

    Me:- sorry sir ..i go through d answer during 4th sem in analog ckt..bt nw I forget d answer..extreemly sorry sir.

    Sir:-OK Tapasree,,but can u say something about IC555?anything Tapasree????

    Me:-[ I just smile a little bit & say] in IC555 there is some pins like an OPAMP..

    Sir:- ok Tapasree ,, can u say what is OPAMP?

    Me:- I answered & also tell what is inverting  OPAMP & non-inverting OPAMP..

    Sir:-what is hobby & extra circular activities?

    Me:-I answered.

    Sir:- what types of breakdowns occurs in p-n junction dode?

    Me:- I said avalenche & zener breakdown..

    Sir:-tell d difference between dem?

    Me:- I told d difference using proper characteristics..

    Sir:- explain the registers present in microprocessor 8085?

    Me:-I tell d ame of all reg  wid little bit of description.

    Sir:- what is ur hobbies & your extra ciricular activites?

    Me:- I answered..

    Sir:-tell memory copy & compare operation?

    Me:- I answer d qutn in microprocessor.

    Sir:-no Tapasree, can u tell d answer in C language?

    Me:- yes sir & tell string copy and compare operation with brief description.

    Sir:- how files are open in C language?

    Me:- I explain using  fopen()  function..


    Dis is my whole P.I. round all about. Total 625 students ( B-TECH,M-TECH,MCA ) appear in the campasing out of which 220 clear d apti who were divided in 22 panels..

    Around 10:30 p.m. our result had been declaered.110 got finally selected & I am fortunate enough coz I am one of them.

    I can say dis from my interview?s experience that when u appear in an interview it doesn?t mean dat u hv to give d answer of all d questions .If u give all d answer then it will be well & good bt if u not so thn don?t think dat u will be rejected coz no interviewer can except from a student dat she or he can answer all d questions,The thing they will check is dat how can u able to tackle d situation when u failed to give d answer.Just b straight forward.if u  do  not able to give any answer then tell him directly dat ? I go through the ansewer bt right now I can not remember. ?

    So don?t get nervous.Believe in ur self coz a positive attitude is d best ladder to scale d height of excellence..

    Wish u all d best 4 ur campasing & 4 ur wonderful carrier..

    Waiting to see u in CTS.

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