CTS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Gokaraju Eng. College, Hyderabad-29 Oct 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Gokaraju Eng. College, Hyderabad-29 Oct 2006

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    Hi, frnds


    This is Raghav, Let me share my experience both written and Interview,

     Hope it helps you!


    Test        : 29th Oct HYDERABAD . Venue (Gokaraju rangaraju institue of Eng College )

    Interview: 4th November

     New Pattern for CTS is


    Aptitude test :- 70 questions

    No negative marking;

    Verbal Ability      -20 mins

    Quant Skills         -30 mins

    Analytical Ability -25 mins


    Verbal Ability: Go through Barons, its enough. We were given 2 big passages, which consumed most of the time. Try to increase ur reading capacity, it will help u save time. Practice b4 u leave.

    Jumbled sentences are almost from Barrons.prepare well for this.

    Correction of sentences (5), incorrect sentences (5), jumbled words (5), reading comprehension (10)




    Venn diagram problem (5), seating arrangement (5), DATASUFFICIENCY (5), binary numbers 1=$, 0=*...Like (5), CUBE problems (5)


    Hint 1=$, 0 = * then 2 is $,3 is $$,4 is $**, so represent following values in binary form

    1.  17*700


    2.  6 *6*6 + 4 * 4*4


    3. avg of (2,50,55,65)


    4.l cm of 3,25,50


    5. 343 interms of binary form


    DATA sufficiency

    1. 2^x is divisible by 2^3?

       a.  x>5

        b.  x is odd

    2. What is the compound interest ? (not Exact but similar )

        a.  si greater than compound interest

        b.  rate is given and difference of si and ci also given

    3. what is avg speed between  X city to Y city.

        a   first half of the distance covered with 10 m/sec

       b.  last 10 kms completed with 15m/sec ..Like that

    4. How many 10 coins he had?

        a.  a boy had 25 coins each

        b.  Boy has 60 ps coins each

    5. IS r>p? P, q,r are real numbers

        a.  q>p-r

        b.  p^2 + q^2 + r^2 = 0.



    CUBE problem: there is a cube which is cut into 343 small cubes painted with blue red color from outside. Then again 2nd block from left has removed from cube and repainted with Black..

     1, how many 3faces black,

     2. How many 2 face

     3. How many 1 faces

     4. How many no faces..

     5 .sorry not remember


    I Venn diagram:

     There is a website F, C,H are visiting regularly then he gave information like that

     Total no of clicks 419,

     Three sites visiting are 3

     f and q =11

     C and f = 11

     C and h =2

     C = 145

      f and h are equal in numbers( meant f= x, h = x take like)


    1. How many visits F?

    2. How many visits H?

    3. What is difference b/n C and H in number of visits?

    4., 5 are no idea..

    II .Seat arrangement puzzle Dnt worries these types of Questions very easy RS agarwal is enough for this


    Deductions means

    ALL a?s are b,

    Some a's are not b's    like (5),

    Logical connectivity (4 bits) if then and or not ..., oddman out (4 bits), Pick odd pictures (series)(10- bits), small puzzle (3 bits )


    LOGIC connectivity is dead easy no worry about this

    In my paper

    1. IF sachin will play till last then match will win.

      a.  if sachin play well , India won

      b.  sachin never plays well

      c.  india never won match

      d.  India won?t win match unless sachin play well.  1. a 2 . b 3. a and d 4. None

    Like that but check all options, don?t tempt to see first option because there were two or more options with same answer.



    TIME material code no: LAHO100701

    There u will solve with some distribution formulas, I will say definitely if u prepare before exam also u may attempt all bits successfully


    All circles are round

    Some trucks are not flat

     Then what is the conclusion? Like questions


    Category of Quantifier




    Universal Negative




    Particular Negative














    Some, not




    This table shows the distribution of subject and predicate. When ever a tick mark(`/) is shown, it implies ?distributed? and Cross mark(×) implies ?not Distributed?



    1.?No A is B?is same as ?No B is A?

    2. Each of the words ?Many, A little, A Few, A lot,Most,Several,Often,At least One? is to be Treated equivalent to the quantifier ?some?

    3. Each of the words ?Every, Each, Any? is to be treated equivalent to the Quantifier? ALL?


    Rules for Deductions

    1. Every deduction should contain three and only three terms
    2. The middle term should be distributed at least once in the two premises
    3. If one premise is negative, the conclusion, if any, must be negative
    4. If one premise is particular, the conclusion, if any, must be particular
    5. If both premises are negative ,no conclusion can be drawn
    6. If both premises are particular, no conclusion can be drawn
    7. If a term is not distributed in the premises, then that term cannot be distributed in the conclusion.

    Read the rules and apply to deductions


      NO A? is B?s                                              no conclusion (5th rule)

      NO c are Bs??..


     SOME a?s are b?s                                          No conclusion (6th rule)    

     SOME b; s are c?s                                    


     ALL A?s are B?s

     ALL D?s are C?s                                            No conclusion (2nd rule)

      Like that proceed ?.


    Finally Odd man out figurers are very easy



    My interview slot was 4:30 pm on 4th November.

    So first thing is to be confident....speak gently n clearly. Take a sec or two before speaking.

    Just be frank....give him a warm smile....if you smile it'll itself dispell your nervousness...


    it basically depends on the person who is interviewing you....some take jus 10mins some take for half hour... As you know its TECH cum Hr....so be prepared to face both...usually only one interviewer will be there...

    Interview will be held in a large hall...you can see all people being interviewed....how they talk n express. The interviewer body language....


    In my Panel there was 1  HR , This round will eliminates most of the candidates .we have to careful in this ,but unfortunately I wasn?t selected . He asked me for 15 mints regarding project, hobbies and etc.

     But my suggestion is score very well in aptitude, it will helps u to get job 99%.




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