CTS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Future Institute Of Engg & Mgmt, Kolkata-17 Jan 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Future Institute Of Engg & Mgmt, Kolkata-17 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I am siddhartjha das from FIEM. I am from computer science Dept. I am going to share my CTS experience with you. CTS visited our campus on 17th Jan, 2011.
    It was three stages.
    1. ppt presented by mr. Nilangshu ghosal
    2. Aptitude test
    3. HR and Technical

    There were 480 students appeared for CTS in our collage, friends the ppt was very good, now I want to tell you something about aptitude test.
    It had two part, logical reasoning and English, for logical part do R.S Aggarwal. It is more than enough.
    1. Puzzles (very important) 
    2. Picture puzzles (very important) 
    3. Syllogism (very important)
    4. Relations (very important)
    5. Odd man out
    6. Cubes and dies
    7. Data sufficiency (very important)
    8. Data interpretation (very important)
    9. Statement conclusion.
    For English part, do cat material (ims, time etc) just take care of grammatical rules, sentence correction, rapid fast reading ability that's enough for English.

    Friend please note that in 2011, the aptitude standard of CTS is most difficult compared to TCS, Infosys.
    Before appearing for Written test we have to fill up the below form format. Some Q,s are listed below.
    1. Name.__________________
    2. Gender__________________
    3. Current address:__________________
    pin code:__________________
    mobile no.__________________
    4. Permanent address.__________________
    5. E-mail__________________
    6. Nationality__________________
    7. Academic details (10th %, 12th or diploma%)__________________
    8. Each Semester percentage and year of passing.__________________
    9. Have u cleared all your arrears (backlogs)?__________________
    10. Do u have any standing arrears (presently do u have any backlogs)?__________________
    11. Software orientation:__________________
    12. Extra curricular, Hobbies and Interests.______________________________________________________
    13. Strengths and weakness.__________________
    14. Expectations from cognizant.______________________________________________________
    15. Your short term plan and long term plan with cts.____________________________________
    16. What are the qualities a software professional need to excel in his field?_________________
    Now in technical interview part, people from cse please do prepare C (pointers, functions, array, basic concept, do sorting, gcd, fibo, factorial, prime, call by value, by reference, array of ptrs, ptrs to array etc.), Java(oops, thread, exception), data structure (linked list, tree, sorting, recurtion, stack, queue), DBMS (normalization, rules of entity, transaction) very carefully.
    Else prepare C, data structure plus departmental subjects.
    Please do prepare  for final year project, my HR told me to draw whole E-R diagram of my final project, triggered so many technical questions in a random way.
    Please note that, the technical part is most important in third round. As a cse people you should have good technical knowledge.
    Some sample answer of HR questions  are given bellow.
    1. Why do you want to join our company?
    Cognizant is a well known prestigious IT company. It is a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services. With over 50 global delivery centers and more than 100,000 employees as of December 1, 2010, CTS combine a unique global delivery model leading to customer satisfaction. A member of the NASDAQ-100 Index and S&P 500 Index, Cognizant is a Forbes Global 2000 company and a member of the Fortune 1000 and is ranked among the top information technology companies in BusinessWeek?s Hot Growth and Top 50 Performers listings. Its estimated revenues for 2010 is $4.55 bill
    Hence, for a young, hard working IT graduate like me, CTS is one of the best company to join.
    2.  Why should I recruit you?
    Ans: I am honest, hard working person and have performed well in my academic carrier. I have got first class marks through out my carrier. More over, I am a good team player who can play important role in the success of the organization. This is a win ? win situation where I will get a chance to utilize my skills and grow which will in turn help this company to grow.
    3. Do you have any question?
    Ans: I have nothing much to ask at this point of time. Well, a quick question came in my mind. Could you please tell me about the initial training programs for the fresh candidates like me? This is because I have heard that your company offers very good training to the freashers.
    I shall wait for the interview results. Thanks! 
    That's all about apti part.   

    Please prepare questions "why CTS","tell me about yourself" these two  is most common, and I also face just  these two, after two days CTS created a history at fiem. They took 244 after around 340 cleared aptitude, and I was one of them, hope to meet in CTS.

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