CTS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -

CTS  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hey, there! I'm  Manu  .I am very happy that I'm placed in my dream company, Cognizant. Cognizant came to my college for recruitment on December 9th (Written Test) and December 10th (Technical & HR). I want to share my experience to FW users as it might help them to figure out what Cognizant's selection process actually is.


    On Day 1, you will have a written test. Before actually start writing the test, you will be asked to give the following info (Time: 15 mins):


    1. Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Age, Permanent Address, Current Address.


    2. 10th percentage and 12th percentage.


    3. Cumulative and individual percentage of the semesters.


    4. Software Orientation (Programming languages known, projects done etc.)


    5. Hobbies and extracurricular activities?


    6. Strengths and weakness?


    7. Expectations from Cognizant?


    8. Long term and short term goals in Cognizant.


    9. Qualities required for a software professional.


    10. Why do you think that you are qualified for IT companies?

    (Note: This info is more powerful than your résumé. Please, prepare it well and write things very very clearly. Because, this info will be forwarded to your HR!)

    The written test comprised of 2 sections: Analytical and Verbal. The details are given below:


    * Analytical Section (30 questions, 30 minutes)section#1


    * Verbal Section (25 questions, 20 minutes)section#2

      (Note: Totally 55 questions. You gotta finish it in 50 minutes.  The result will be announced on the same day (probably at night). If you are selected, your name will be called out and you will be given your panel number.)







    2. Directions:The questions (a-h) are based on the following statements.


    A) Seeta,Rajinder and Surinder are children of Mr. and Mrs.Maudgil

    B) Renu,Raja and Sunil are children of Mr. and Mrs.Bhaskar

    C) Sunil and Seeta are married and Ashok and Sanjay are their children

    D) Geeta and Rakesh are children of Mr. and Mrs.Jain

    E) Geeta is married to surinder and has three children named Rita,Sonu and Raju.


    a). How is Rajinder related to Raju?



    c)brother in law      


    e)maternal uncle


     b).How is Rajinder related to Ashok?

    a)brother in law    

    b)father in law       



    e)maternal uncle


    c).How is Rakesh related to surinder?




    d)maternal uncle

    e)brother in law


     d).How is rakesh related to raju?




    d)maternal uncle

    e)brother in law


    e).what is sanjay's surname?





    e)none of these


    f).Renu is sanjay's


    b)sister in law




    g). Raju's surname is





    e)none of these


    h).Sunil and Rakesh are related as



    c)uncle and cousin    

    d)brother in law

    e)none of these


    2). Amongst the following figures, find the correct one, if it is known that the total number of dots on opposite faces of the cube shown is always 7.


    A. Fig.1          

    B. Fig.2

    C. Fig.3   

    D. Fig.4


    3). Choose the box that is similar to the box formed from the given sheet of paper (X).


    A. 1 and 2 only

    B. 1 and 3 only

    C. 3 and 4 only

    D. 1, 2, 3 and 4


    4). Directions to Solve (a-e)

    In each of the following questions there are three statements. Which are followed by three or four conclusions. Choose the conclusions which logically follow from the given statements.


    a). Statements: All the locks are keys. All the keys are bats. Some watches are bats.


       1. Some bats are locks.

       2. Some watches are keys.

       3. All the keys are locks.

    A. Only (1) and (2)

    B. Only (1)

    C. Only (2)

    D. Only (1) and (3)


    b). Statements: Some keys are staplers. Some staplers are stickers. All the stickers are pens.


       1. Some pens are staplers.

       2. Some stickers are keys.

       3. No sticker is key.

       4. Some staplers are keys.

    A. Only (1) and (2)

    B. Only (2) and (4)

    C. Only (2) and (3)

    D. Only (1) and (4) and either (2) or (3)


    c). Statements: Some questions are answers. Some answers are writers. All the writers are poets.


       1. Some writers are answers.

       2. Some poets are questions.

       3. All the questions are poets.

       4. Some poets are answers.

    A. Only (1) and (2)

    B. Only (1) and (4)

    C. Only (1) and (3)

    D. Only (2) and (4)


    d). Statements: Some envelops are gums. Some gums are seals. Some seals are adhesives.


       1. Some envelopes are seals.

       2. Some gums are adhesives.

       3. Some adhesives are seals.

       4. Some adhesives are gums.

    A. Only (3)

    B. Only (1)

    C. Only (2)

    D. Only (4)


    e). Statements: All the papers are books. All the bags are books. Some purses are bags.


       1. Some papers are bags.

       2. Some books are papers.

       3. Some books are purses.

    A. Only (1)

    B. Only (2) and (3)

    C. Only (1) and (2)

    D. Only (1) and (3)


    DIRECTIONS : (5-10).

    If in a Certain language , ENTRY is coded as 12345 and STEADY is coded as 931785, then state which is the correct code for each of the given words.


                A.  956169

                B.  196247

                C.  352123     

                D.  312723



                A. 918731      

                B. 954185

                C. 814195      

                D. 614781



                A.  25196577

                B.  21732199

                C.  21362199

                D.  21823698


     9). ARREST

                A.  744589     

                B.  744193

                C.  166479     

                D.  745194


    10). ENDEAR

                A.  524519     

                B.  174189

                C.  128174     

                D.  124179


    11). Directions to Solve(a-e)

    Read the below passage carefully and answer the questions:

    Five roommates Randy, Sally, Terry, Uma, and Vernon each do one housekeeping task mopping, sweeping, laundry, vacuuming, or dusting one day a week, Monday through Friday.

    * Vernon does not vacuum and does not do his task on Tuesday.

    * Sally does the dusting, and does not do it on Monday or Friday.

    * The mopping is done on Thursday.

    * Terry does his task, which is not vacuuming, on Wednesday.

    * The laundry is done on Friday, and not by Uma.

    * Randy does his task on Monday


    a). What task does Terry do on Wednesday?

    A. vacuuming

    B. dusting

    C. mopping

    D. sweeping

    E. laundry


    b). What day does Uma do her task?

    A. Monday

    B. Tuesday

    C. Wednesday

    D. Thursday

    E. Friday


    c). What day is the vacuuming done?

    A. Friday

    B. Monday

    C. Tuesday

    D. Wednesday

    E. Thursday


    d). What task does Vernon do?

    A. vacuuming

    B. dusting

    C. mopping

    D. sweeping

    E. laundry


    e). When does Sally do the dusting?

    A. Friday

    B. Monday

    C. Tuesday

    D. Wednesday

    E. Thursday


    12). Directions to Solve(a-e)

    The following bar chart shows the trends of foreign direct investments(FDI) into India from all over the world.

    a). What was the ratio of investment in 1997 over the investment in 1992 ?

    A. 5.50           

    B. 5.36

    C. 5.64

    D. 5.75


    b). What was absolute difference in the FDI to India in between 1996 and 1997 ?

    A. 7.29           

    B. 7.13

    C. 8.13           

    D. None of these


    c). If India FDI from OPEC countries was proportionately the same in 1992 and 1997 as the total FDI from all over the world and if the FDI in 1992 from the OPEC countries was Euro 2 million. What was the amount of FDI from the OPEC countries in 1997 ?

    A. 11  

    B. 10.72

    C. 11.28         

    D. 11.5


    d). Which year exhibited the highest growth in FDI in India over the period shown ?

    A. 1993          

    B. 1994

    C. 1995          

    D. 1996



    e). What was India's total FDI for the period shown in the figure ?

    A. 93.82         

    B. 93.22

    C. 93.19         

    D. None of these


    13). find out which of the answer figures (1), (2), (3) and (4) completes the figure matrix ?

    Select a suitable figure from the four alternatives that would complete the figure matrix.


    A. 1    

    B. 2

    C. 3    

    D. 4


    Directions to Solve

    Read the below passage carefully and answer the questions:

    Some groups want to outlaw burning the flag. They say that people have fought and died for the flag and that citizens of the United States ought to respect that. But I say that respect cannot be leg-islated. Also, most citizens who have served in the military did not fight for the flag, they fought for what the flag represents. Among the things the flag represents is freedom of speech, which includes, I believe, the right for a citizen to express displeasure with the government by burning the flag in protest.

    14). Which of the following is similar to the argument made by the speaker?

    A. The rich should not be allowed to "buy" politicians, so the Congress should enact campaign finance reform.

    B. The idea of freedom of religion also means the right not to participate in religion, so mandated school prayer violates freedom of religion.

    C. The Constitution guarantees freedom to own property, so taxes should be illegal.

    D. Convicted felons should not have their convictions overturned on a technicality.

    E. In order to understand what may be constitutional today, one needs to look at what the laws were when the Constitution was enacted.


    15. Which of the following, if true, would weaken the speaker's argument?

    A. An action is not considered a part of freedom of speech.

    B. People who burn the flag usually commit other crimes as well.

    C. The flag was not recognized by the government until 1812.

    D. State flags are almost never burned

    E. Most people are against flag burning.





    Directions to Solve

    Which of phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make the grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark 'E' as the answer.


    1). Despite of their differences on matters of principles, they all agree on the demand of hike is salary?

    A. Despite their          

    B. Despite of the

    C. Despite for their    

    D. Despite off their

    E. No correction required


    2).  The man who has committed such a serious crime must get the mostly severe punishment.

    A. be getting the mostly severely

    B. get the most severe

    C. have got the most severely

    D. have been getting the severe most

    E. No correction required


    3). For many centuries in Indian History there was no city so famous like the city of Ujjain.

    A. as   

    B. such as

    C. likewise     

    D. so like

    E. No correction required


    4). We don't know how did the thief made an escape.

    A. how the thief did make     

    B. how the thief does make

    C. how the thief made           

    D. how was the thief made

    E. No correction required


    5).  He is a singer of repute, but his yesterday's performance was quite disappointing.

    A. performances of yesterday were

    B. yesterday performance was

    C. yesterday performance were

    D. performances about yesterday were

    E. No correction required


    Directions to Solve

    In questions below, each passage consist of six sentences. The first and sixth sentence are given in the beginning. The middle four sentences in each have been removed and jumbled up. These are labelled as P, Q, R and S. Find out the proper order for the four sentences


    6).        S1:       Jawaharlal Nehru was the greatest plan-enthusiast.

    P : Under Nehru's advice, the pre-Independent congress set up National Planning Commission in 1938.

    Q : But he forgot that what could be achieved by force under the communist dictatorship of Russia was not possible under the democratic set up of India.

    R : He took the idea from Russia where Five year plans transformed a very backward country into a top power of the world.

    S : No free government can call for compulsory sacrifice and suffering from the whole people.

    S6: Nehru himself became the chairman of the commission.

    The Proper sequence should be:

    A. PSQR        

    B. SRQP

    C. QPRS        

    D. RQSP


    7).        S1:       Duryodhana was a wicked prince.

    P : one day Bhima made Duryodhana fall from a tree from which Duryodhana was stealing fruits.

    Q : He did not like that Pandavas should be loved and respected by the people of Hastinapur

    R : Duryodhana specially hated Bhima.

    S : Among the Pandavas, Bhima was extraordinary strong and powerful

    S6: This enraged Duryodhana so much that he began to think of removing Bhima from his way.

    The Proper sequence should be:

    A. PSQR        

    B. QPRS

    C. QSPR        

    D. PSRQ


    8).        S1:       Jawaharlal Nehru was born in Allahabad on 14 Nov 1889.

    P : Nehru meet Mahatma Gandhi in February 1920.

    Q : In 1905 he was sent to London to study at a school called Haroow.

    R : He became the first Prime Minister of Independent India on 15 August 1947.

    S : He married Kamla Kaul in 1915.

    S6: He died on 27 May 1964.

    The Proper sequence should be:

    A. QRPS        

    B. QSPR

    C. RPQS        

    D. SQRP


    9).        S1: It was a dark moonless night.

    P : He turned over the pages, reading passages here and there.

    Q : He heard them on the floor.

    R : The poet took down his books of poems from his shelves.

    S : Some of them contained his earliest writings which he had almost forgotten.

    S6: They all seemed to him to be poor and ordinary mere childish words.

    The Proper sequence should be:

    A. RPQS        

    B. RQSP

    C. RSPQ        

    D. RPSQ


    10).      S1:       I had halted on the road.

    P :As soon as I saw the elephant I knew I should not shoot him.

    Q : It is a serious matter to shoot a working elephant.

    R : I knew that his 'must' was already passing off.

    S :The elephant was standing 8 yards from the road.

    S6: I decided to watch him for a while and then go home.

    The Proper sequence should be:

    A. SPQR        

    B. PQSR

    C. RQPS        

    D. SRPQ


    Directions to Solve

    Rearrange the following six sentences in proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph, then answer the questions given below.

      1. John did not have the money to buy the beautiful clip.

       2. After a while, Jane explained to John that she had sold her hair to buy a gold chain for

                his watch.

       3. As it was Christmas, john want to give Jane a surprise present.

       4. When Jane saw it, she felt like crying.

       5. He decided to present her a clip made of ivory for her long flowing hair.

       6. He, therefore sold off his watch and brought home the present.


    11) Which of the sentences should come sixth in the paragraph ?

    A. 5    


    C. 1    

    D. 3

    E. 2


    12.  Which of the sentences should come first in the paragraph ?

    A. 3    

    B. 6

    C. 2    

    D. 5

    E. 4


    13.  Which of the sentences should come second in the paragraph ?

    A. 6    

    B. 1

    C. 5    

    D. 4

    E.  3


    14.  Which of the sentences should come third in the paragraph ?

    A. 4    

    B. 5

    C. 6    

    D. 2

    E. 1


    15.  Which of the sentences should come fourth in the paragraph ?

    A. 1    

    B. 2

    C. 3    

    D. 6

    E. 5


    Directions to Solve

    In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.


    16.  CORPULENT

    A. Lean          

    B. Gaunt

    C. Emaciated 

    D. Obese


    17.  BRIEF

    A. Limited     

    B. Small

    C. Little          

    D. Short

    18.  EMBEZZLE

    A. Misappropriate      

    B. Balance

    C. Remunerate           

    D. Clear


    Directions to Solve

    The casual horrors and real disasters are thrown at newspaper reader without discrimination. In the contemporary arrangements for circulating the news, an important element, evaluation is always weak and often wanting entirely. There is no point anywhere along the line somewhere someone put his foot down for certain and says, "This is important and that does not amount to row of beans; deserves no ones attention, and should travel the wires no farther". The junk is dressed up to look as meaningful as the real news.

    19.  Evaluation of news would imply

    A. less dependence on modern systems of communication

    B. more careful analysis of each news story and its value

    C. separating beans from junk

    D. discriminating horrors from disasters


    20.  The writer of the above passage

    A. seems to be happy with the contemporary arrangements for circulating news

    B. is shocked by the casual stories about horrors and disasters reported in the newspapers

    C. wants better evaluation of news before publication

    D. wants to put his foot down on news stories


    21.  In the above passage, the phrase "amounts to a row of beans" means that the news

    A. is weak and often wanting entirely

    B. deserves no one's attention

    C. should travel the wires

    D. is junk dressed up as real news


    22.  Newspapers lack a sense of discrimination because

    A. they do not separate the real news from mere sensationalism

    B. they have to accept whatever is received on the wires

    C. limited manpower makes serious evolution impossible

    D. people don't see the difference between 'junk' and 'real' news


    23.  The passage implies that

    A. there has to be censorship on newspapers

    B. there is no point in having censorship

    C. newspapers always dress up junk to look meaningful

    D.one has to be strict in selecting news items


    Directions to Solve

    In questions given below, a part of the sentence is italicised and underlined. Below are given alternatives to the italicised part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, option 'D' is the answer.


    24.  The workers are hell bent at getting what is due to them.

    A. hell bent on getting           

    B. hell bent for getting

    C. hell bent upon getting

    D. No improvement


    25.  When it was feared that the serfs might go too far and gain their freedom from serfdom, the protestant leaders joined the princes at crushing them.

    A. into crushing         

    B. in crushing

    C. without crushing   

    D. No improvement



    On Day 2, you will have both technical and HR in the same panel. I'm sharing my own experience below.

    Me: (I opened the panel room and said.) May I come in, sir?

    HR: Yeah come on in, Manu!


    Me: Good afternoon, sir!

    HR: Good afternoon. Have your seat, Manu! Had lunch?


    Me: Yes sir! (I smiled)

    Me: Thank you, sir. (I sat down)


    HR: Can you tell about yourself?

    Me: (I told and I was interrupted within a minute by him)


    HR: Okay. Can you tell about your family?

    Me: (I told my parent's name and bro's name. He didn't seem to be listening me.)


    HR: Okay. I give you two database tables and an SQL output. You need to give appropriate SQL query.

    Me: Sorry, sir! I am not aware of SQL queries for now.


    HR: It's Okay. Just give it a try.

    Me: (I said okay and wrote a query. He didn't say if it is correct or not)


    HR: Okay, can you tell me what Dijkstra's algorithm is?

    Me: Sorry, sir! I didn't study about this subject.


    HR: Man, you are kidding! This is the very basic question. It is found in all courses.

    Me: Oh I'm really sorry, sir! I don't know the answer.


    HR: It's okay. Give your résumé. (He saw some info in it and asked about my project)  What are chatterbots and what is Loebner prize?

    Me: Chatterbots are the computer programs which immitate human conversation. The best example of a chatterbot is ELIZA. And, Loebner prize is like a Nobel prize for Artificial Intelligence.(He was impressed)


    HR: Very good. How can you spot the last node in a linked list?

    Me: The last node in a linked list has the LINK pointer assigned with NULL.


    HR: Good. Do you have any idea of doing a research or to work?

    Me: Sir, I'd like to work in Cognizant!


    HR: Hmm. How long will you be working in Cognizant?

    Me: Life long, sir!


    HR: (He smiled slightly as he was looking at me)

    Me: I'm not joking, sir! Cognizant is my dream company! I really like to.


    HR: Cool! Cool! Cool, Manu ! Okay, which is better, C# .NET or Java?

    Me: Java, sir! Because, it is distributed in public domain and we need not buy license from Sun Microsystem.


    HR: You missed an important point. Java is platform independent!

    Me: Yes, sir! (I smiled)


    HR: Okay, well said! Which is better, Windows or Linux?


    Me: Windows, sir!

    HR: What? Don't you think Linux is better because it is an open source?


    Me: Sir, Linux is better only when you see it in programmers perspective. But, when you look Linux as a non-technical person, it is very messy. Because, Linux is distributed by many companies where Windows in distributed by only one. So, for a non-technical person, Windows is more user friendly, because it has standard GUI, than Linux!


    HR: Well said, Manu! But, Linux is more secured than Windows! Okay, can you list some of the protocols you know?


    Me: Sure, sir. HTTP, HTTPS, FTP.

    HR: Okay, what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?


    Me: HTTP is a text based protocol to implement data transfer between client and server. HTTPS is just a secured version of HTTP which implements SSL protocol.


    HR: Well said, Manu! Can you tell me what recursive functions are?


    Me: Sure, sir! Recursive functions are the functions that call themselves.

    HR: Good. What are constructors?


    Me: Constructors are initializers of the objects, sir.

    HR: Good. How will you allocate a block of memory in C?


    Me: Using malloc, sir.

    HR: Hmm. How will you free an allocated memory in C?


    Me: Very simple, sir! free().

    HR: Okay, there is an operator in C++ which does the same job of C's free(). What is it?


    Me: delete, sir!

    HR: Good. You may leave now. Let me estimate your performance with our HR teams.


    Me: I ?am very eager to work with you in Cognizant, sir!

    HR: (He didn't seem to care my words and just said 'okay' as he was preparing for the next candidate)


    HR: (I said thank you and went out as I was slowly closing the panel room's door)



    Useful Tips:


    1. Prepare 'Tell about yourself' very clearly.

    2. Know about Cognizant.

    3. Always keep your weakness? very mild.

    4. Always speak in English. If your HR speaks in local language, you can anyways speak in it.

    5. Always say Cognizant. Do not say CTS.

    6. Keep smiling.




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