CTS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Techno India, Salt Lake.-03 Mar 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Techno India, Salt Lake.-03 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    To start with.....first of all thanks a ton to ALMIGHTY GOD, my parents, my friends, my teachers and  obviously to FRESHERSWORLD.

    The D-Day was 4th of March...COGNIZANT (C.T.S) came to Techno India, Saltlake, for itz campus recruitment drive. Cognizant was the first company of   this slot. After the PPT, started the aptitute test. It was a test consisting of three separate sections ::

    ENGLISH(25 marks, 20 minutes),
    QUANTITATIVE ABILITY(25marks, 30 minutes),and 

    The time to question ratio was very small....so beaware of it....and for ENGLISH section, donot attempt comprehension (YES ! there were two) in the begining...u may end up the paper incompleted. In this section, there were questions on rearrangements and jumbling of questions too.I suggest u practise it from CSR.

    Switching over to QUANTITATIVE ABILITY section, there were questions on Venn Diagram, Cubes and dices and $* conversions. Practise the first two from R.S.Agarwal. For $* conversions, u dont have to practise. They are quite easy. (What u have to do is to take the number and convert it to its BINARY form.Then replace 1's by $ and 0's by *).

    Coming to LOGICAL AND NONVERBAL ABILITY, practise LOGIC (R.S.Agarwal, Non Verbal ability, section 2, chapter 1.) and memorise the given 9 rules by your heart. There were questions on finding the next diagram.

    This was all about the APTITUDE test. Results were declared late night. I cleared my aptitude test and was asked to attend the TECHNICAL and HR the following day .

    My interview started at 5:00 pm. Let me tell u one thing....u dont have to be expert in ur technical field....But try to be an expert in presenting your answers to them. What they normally see is how well u carry forward ur interview......Remain cool and calm.

    So here is my INTERVIEW ::
    >> Good evening Sir !!
    :: Good Evening Mr Kamanasish .....plz be seated.... :: R u comfortable?
    >> Yes Sir !!
    ::So when did ye come here?
    >>At 9:45 sir.
    ::Had ur lunch?
    >> No Sir...
    >> No time for the same ..Sir
    :: Breakfast?
    >> Yes Sir...
    >>No sir...
    ::No water..for  such a long time?
    >> Itz O.K. Sir...I am comfortable.
    ::O.K. Mr......can ye tell me..somrthing about yourself?
    >>(Remember !!! This is a question to sell your self....preare it well)....
    ::Please mention some of ur leadership qualities.....
    >>( prepare them well)
    :: Then a series of technical questions followed by another series of HR questions.....But the technical questions were quite easy.Like....TREE, LINKEDLIST,REFENTIAL INTEGRITY QUESTIONS....etc....
    :: So Mr Nandi, do u think you will get this job?
    >> Absolutely Sir....

    Like this..and many more...... The interview lasted for near about 20-25 minutes. THANK GOD !! Finally I was selected.

    1900 appeared for Aptitude - 612 cleared the first round
    Near about 400 department toppers,-10 candidates directly sat for tech. interview.
    total selected candidates = 337 out of 2300.

    Thanx a lot to this site....

    Regards !!!
    Kamanasish Nandi,

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