CTS  Placement Paper   General - Other   St. Xavier?s College -21 Nov 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Other   St. Xavier?s College -21 Nov 2006

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    ST. Xavier?s College Recruitment

    November 21, 2006


    (M.Sc. Computer Science)


    Aptitude test:

     PROCEDURE of the test::

    You have to answer 70 questions each of them contains 1 marks. The time limit is 70 minutes. And they are broken into 3 groups(20+30+20).The time per question is 1 minute. After every session and before starting the next session the examiner will take the previous question sheet. The total modules of questions are very easy to answer. You need not to go through with any books of reasoning or quantitative aptitude. Just give a little more attention to the time limit.

    Type of questions:

    a. 76 peoples read book A, 103 peoples read book B, 58 peoples Read book C; 23 peoples read both A & B; 40 peoples read both B & C; 6 person read all the books; (Marks 4- 4 question)
       i. How many peoples red both A & C
       ii. How many peoples read book C only.
       iii. ???????
       iv. ????????..

    b. Think + as /, - as *, * as -, / as +; (~ 10 marks:)
    Sub type 1. Solve 3+24/56*7-2
    Sub type 2. Say which one is true:
    4-2+5/6*0 =0 or 4.5 or 7.6 or none

    c. Read two paragraphs and identifies the right answer from set of 4 results. (8 to 10 marks)

    d. Tick 1 if both number 1 and number 2 is same
        Tick 2 if both number 1 and number 3 is same
        Tick 3 if all is same
        Tick 4 if all is different (~5 marks)
    1) 9444903234 2) 9444903234 3) 9444902334

    e. Relationship problems (3 marks)

    f. Synonyms and article (12-15 marks)

    g. Simple mathematics like: if S has 80% of D and S is 80 less than D; D is??

    h. Is the following equations are sufficient to say that x=3 (2 - 3marks)
    1. 3x² =9x
    2. x² -3=2x
    i) both are needed
    ii) only 1 is needed
    iii) only 2 is needed
    iv) both are insufficient to answer it


    There was actually no separation of this two but when they were taking my interviews I am asking to answer only from Data Structure. They were going into the initial to the harder topics. Personally I was asking to say about tree traversals, BST, AVL tree, Threaded Binary Tree?. And from C, they asked me ?what is the difference between call by value and call by reference.

    Another common questions are
    1. What is the preprocessor
    2. Difference between windows and Unix
    3. Difference between JAVA & C++
    4. You may have to write a query in SQL syntax ** if you suggest PL/SQL in your CV and if they notice it, then a general question will be waiting for you ? what is procedure, function, package, trigger etc?.
    5. Relational algebra and normalization
    6. You may have to write sorting program or algorithm
    7. Sometimes they will ask you to write a C program to handle some operations on file.
    8. Define class and object in terms of oops.
    9. What is typedef and enum in C.
    10. Reusability is the basic difference between concept of C and C++ - justify
    11. How can you search your desired information using google search in an efficient and optimized manner.
    12. Concept of structure and union

    The recruitment procedure is very easy and all the recruitment members are very friendly. So don?t get lack of confidence and always bearing a smiling face with a good eye contact. Dressed up formally. It is good to carry your CV. They actually don?t want this. Etiquette and manner are 2 terms that you have to maintain through out the whole procedure. And before going in front to the interviewer you must asses yourself as they can ask you about your strength ness, weakness, relocation problem etc. Be clear, simple and brief.

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