CTS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Mepco Schlenk Engg College , Sivakasi , Tamil Nadu-19 Jun 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Other   Mepco Schlenk Engg College , Sivakasi , Tamil Nadu-19 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi freshers, This is Ahamed Jubair. I am very happy to say that I was selected in cts .I have been waiting for this moment n finally i got selected.

    Thanks for all the initiaters of freshersworld and the contributors who contributed the papers.  I am very much benifitted from this site, So I am also contributing the paper for freshersworld.


    Cognizant paper consists of three sections

    they are 1)verbal 25 questions 20 minutes

                 2)analytical 25 questions 30 minutes

                 3)attention  20 questions 20 minutes


    verbal consists of 

    1.choose the correct sentences among given sentences

    2.choose the incorrect sentences among given sentences

    3.Jumbled sentences

    4.two reading comprehension passages.

    time is the major factor .I could not have time for rc.


    Analytical section:   

    This section consist of the following question.

    1.problem on cube. (Actually we were asked 10 cube questions. Tat was really helped me to clear the section.)

    2.Venn diagram(5 ques)

    3.Data sufficiency problems.


    For all the above questions please refer R.S.Agarwal verbal and nonverbal book.Tat is more than sufficient.


    Attention Section   

    In this section most of the problems were asked from odd man out figure and wat comes next in the series and also concentrate on statement ? conclusion .


    This section was some wat easy. Any way time is the factor.For this also refer r.s.agarwal verbal non verbal.


    339 students were short listed from written test .from that 221 students were selected. 

    There was no written test for top 10 students from each department.


    My interview was full and full technical.

    One important think is those who put operating Systems as ur area of interest  be strong in Linux and shell commands. Because I was asked to write more shell commands.

    Then he asked my mark sheets and select one subject from each semester and asked questions from that. My interview lasted for nearly 20 mins. Results were announced at 8.30 pm on june 20.I was one among them. i am so happy now.


    But in some panel there was no technical interview, fully HR questions, tat depends upon on the panel member .But most of the panel member tested the technical area.

    As it is a campus interview  they just tested our confidence.eye contact is the very important thing.please maintain eye contact thro out the interview.


    my suggestion is dat dont get disappointed if u were not selected in one interview..........try n  try untill u succeed.....please don't give up at any time....only confidence is the key for success in software industry........all the best freshers.




    K.U. Ahamed Jubair.

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