CTS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -7 Jan 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -7 Jan 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    date andvenue:13march2004,Bangalore.-duration:60minutes-no.questions:40-mark/question:1-negative mark/question:.25-question paper color:blue

    1       A Man in His Will States that when he dies his wife will get 1/3 of the estate and 2/3 will go to his son, only if a 

          son is born. If a daughter is born wife will get 2/3 and daughter will get 1/3 . The Man dies and his wife gives 

          birth to twins, one boy and one girl. The estate was divided keep the proportion as stated in will 

           a)      1/5     b)2/5    c)1/7    d)2/7  (check it Out)  


    2      |X| ,|Y| ,|X-Y|  & |X|-|Y|,Which of the relation is correct

          ans: |X|-|Y| <=|X-Y|  


    3    X>0 and Y>0 X+Y<5  which is true

             a)2x+3y<14     b)3x+2y<18    c)       d)

    4    7291   what is the Unit digit

          A man spend his 1/6 of life in childhood  1/12 in bachelor after five years of  marriage he got a son who died 

          four years before his father and his age was half of his father age at the time of death

    5   What is the mans age ans 84

    6   At what age did the man marry

     7   Age of son     ans 42

           Analytical and verbal Baron GRE will do. In Analytical Questions Paragraph were given and find conclusion 

           or  Presuppositions  (Very Very easy)

     Q   Pilot alone cannot be blamed for the accidents that are happening .The Investigators have to consider other


    Q  The government is has raised the taxes on alcohol and other such substances due to

          Ans) To Discourage their Consumption                                                                    Freshersworld.com

    P,Q,R,S,T  were five sisters  Age of s was 6 years. R?s age was sum of Q and S .T ?s age was  twice of the sum of Q and S. P is the Eldest ????..(Very Very easy)

     4 Questions on the above Paragraph (very very easy)

    8   An Ice Cream  with a cone as the base and hemisphere on the top . Radius 2.5 and height of the cone 6 find the 

         area of hemisphere

    9   A square is drawn by joining the midpoints of the sides of another square . Another Square is Drawn in the   

          similar  fashion This is continued infinitely .If the side of the Square is 4cm  Total area is?  (ans: 16sqcm)

    10  In the 17 th Century people some flower???.. why did they prefer

            a)Scent    b)Beauty    c)Elegance    d)Colour      Ans :c

    11 Possible  sum of  all  Number of 4 digit numbers with digits 0,1,2,3 no digit should repeat 37-40)   an=3n+1 and 

    3 Questions based on this relationship (very very easy)

    12  3 Three Friends (A,B,C) each brought tickets  B brought twice that of  C and A brought 3 times that of  

           B .Each of their brothers also brought tickets ??.(2 questions on the above para ) 

    13  There is a container in whith a substance at the time 9.00pm,it doubles itself for every minute.at what time will

        the container will be quarter filled.                                                                        Freshersworld.com
        a)9.30    ,b)9.45,      c)9.50,    d)9.58

    14   There are 10 boxes containing n number of balls.except the balls in one box which weighs 90gm each which are 

          defective,the balls in every other boxes weigh 100gm each.a group of balls are got after picking from each 

          box,and weighed.find the numberof weighings(m) in which the defective balls can be found out. for various 

         values of n find out m.
          1 n=3,m=?
           a )1,  b)3,     c)5,          d)none of these

          2 n=1,m=?
           a)1,   b)4,        c)5,          d)none of these
           ans:d)none of these

        3   n=9     ,m?
        a)1,        b)4        ,c)5,        d)none of these
        ans:d)none of these
        (hint:for any number of values of n the answer will be m=2 0r 3,coz we pick one from each so,10.divide into 

        3,3,4 then ans:2 0r 3 )

    15  Question like a 250kg wight is there it can be weighed using weighing objects like butts find the minimum number 

         of objects reqiured to find the weight of  250kg. questions from time and work where asked 

    16  There are 8 people ABCDEF&G...some relationships among them were given...just deduce the crkt reltionshp 

         4m the given clues..and u can answer the 8 qstns based on this....pretty easy!           Freshersworld.com

    17 The ratio of income:expendtre of a cmpny is in the ratio 5:4....if  5 lacs is the profit wats the total expenditure....

         Ans: (20 lacs)

    18  A & F are 27 miles apart.if they wlk in the same dirxn,they meet each other in 9 hrs.if they walk towards each 

        other they meet in 3 hrs...wats the speed of F.........(3mph)

    19  If 1 man can load 1 box in a truck in 9 mins and a truck can hold upto 8 boxes..how many trucks cmpltly are 

        loaded when 18 men work for 1.5 hrs...?(the answr wrks out to be 22.5 trks,since only 22 are cmpltly filled, 22

        is the answr)

    20  There are six boys and six girls 2 be arrangd in a circular mannr.no boy shud next 2 anthr boy...wat r they no. of 


    21   P,Q,R,S , have wives A B C D , C is not wife of D two are sisters , etc , 2 questions based on that
           there were 3 sets of this type

    Technical Interview

        6 Panels , Questions ranged from Area of interest to even Politics and other general topic. Some Panel  gave more importance to HR Questions especially  Suresh(one who did the PPT)Stay Cool and be prepared for questions in area of Interest(esp. OS ,DBMS)  

    1.   Tellme abt urself..                                                                              Freshersworld.com

    2.    ur project?

    3.    Wat was ur role in ur project n how well wer u able
    to tackle it?
    then completely technical qstns.......

            I had claimed to b very good in Java.....so next comes
    a few qstns in java..

    4.    Wat does a garbage collector do?                                                                                             

    5.    WAt is JVM n bytecode?
    then he asked me the subjects that i had........

    6.    Which searching technique cannot be applied to
    linked list?

    7.    What is pass by value,ref ,pointer....n wat is the
    default parameter passing method in VB?

    8.    Write a C pgm to swap 2 no.s w/o using temporary

    9.    What is recursion? Explain with ex...

    10.  What is water-fall life cycle model?

    11.   How can u estimate the time required for each n
    every phase, given the specification of the project?

    12.   Various s/w tests...

    13.   What is white n black box testing

    14.   What is polymorphism....explain with ex...                                         Freshersworld.com

    15.   A few qstns from OS like....pg fault,deadlock,it's
    avoidance,mutual exclusion etc.

    16.   A few qstns from dbms....like wat is
    normalization...explain with ex.. then what r triggers
    explain with ex..

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