CTS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -01 Jun 2008

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -01 Jun 2008

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    25 questions 20 minutes
    1.Choose the correct sentences among given sentences (5 questions) (
    2.Choose the incorrect sentences among given sentences (They give mostly on articles, prepositions etc. Know differences between affect, effect like this words.) (5 questions)
    3.Jumbled sentences (5 questions)
    4.Two reading comprehension passages (10 questions)
    This is a qulte tough section. Just make guesses.

    25 questions 30 minutes
    1.Venn diagram (5 questions)
    2.Data SUfficiency (5 questions)
    3.Coding (5 questions)
    4.Cubes (5 questions)
    5.Puzzle type (5 questions)

    * A group is divided into three. The first group is persons of 5'6 height and second and third r 6'0 and 6'6 respectively. There r totally 130 peoples, 50 of them r 5'6 and 65 of them r 6'6, 10 of them r 5'6 and 6'6, 15 of them r 5'6 and 6, 20 of them r 6'6 and 6, and 5 of them r all the three.
    1.(i) How many of them r 6 feet?
    (Ans 70)

    2.(ii) How many of them r only 6 feet?
    (Ans 30)
    (iii) How many of them are only 5'6?
    (Ans 20)

    3.(iv) How many of them are only 6'6?
    (Ans 30)

    4.(v) How many of them are at least two?
    (Ans 50)

    Important formula in Venn diagram is

    *There r five boxes. In the first box we put some chocolates. Each box the number of choc is reduced by 1/4. The last box contains 4.Then the number of choc in the first box is
    (Ans 1024)
    /<rhere is a building contractor. He designs a building such that The base consists of 16 cubes

    ~ Above that in the middle of the base there r four cubes Above this there r two cubes at the ad joint ends Above that there is one cube Now the whole building is painted with white
    1.(i) How many are 0 face painted?
    2.(ii) How many are 1 face painted?
    3.iii) How many are 2 face painted?
    4.(iv) How many are 3 face painted?
    5.(v) How many are 4 face painted?

    * boys ate Biscuits and 65 boys ate Cake. 7 boys ate biscuit,cake and pastry. 14 boys ate cake and pastry only. 20 boys ate biscuit and cake only. 15 boys ate biscuit and pastry only. Total no of boys are 224....(incorrect datas, just for example)
    (i) no of boys ate only pastry? (ii)ratio of no of boys ate biscuits to no of boys ate pastry?
    (...) ? (') ? ()?
    III.......... IV......... v ........

    v/.; Acube is cut into 64 equal cubes.... now from each side of the original cube, 2nd and 3rd small cube are removed...now the whole thing is painted black. i) no of cubes which are not painted ii) no of cubes which are painted 1 face iii) no of cubes which are painted 2 faces iv) no of cubes which are painted 3 faces v) no of cubes which are painted in more than 3 faces

    Solution:-imagine the figure...2nd and 3rd cube from each side(edge) is removed...so total 24 cubes are removed...40 cubes r remaining.. . now if it is painted...32 cubes will be pained in 3 faces and 8 cubes will be painted in 6 faces...so the answers are... 
    i) 0
    iii) 0 
    v) 8

    *A cube problem is given related to it 5 Questions were given the Question is like A red cube is cut into 1728 small cubes from one face of the cube, from the diagonal corners, the middle cubes are removed and the cube is then painted black

    The Questions are like 1)what is the difference blw the cubes painted three sides red &cubes palnted three sides black 

    How many cubes r there with 3 Sides painted black a)2 b)4 c)6 d)8 Number of cubes painted atleast 2 sides bJack similarly 2 Questions based on this cube problem

    1.* In a class there are 150 people who speak English and 125 people who speak hindi. 55 speak both languages and atleast one student speaks one language !( 1) How many students speak atleast one language? (220) 2) How many people speak only one language?(165)

    2.* In a class every one will play atleast one sport viz table tennis, cricket and badminton. 73 students play table tennis, 79 play badminton, 75 play cricket and 25 students play both Table Tennis and badminton, 24 play both Table Tennis and cricket 30 play badminton and cricket and 16 students play all the sports ***KCT*** 3) How many students are there in the class (161) 4) How many students play only cricket.(37)

    3.* In a certain language * represents 0 and $ represents ~ Answer the following questions


    6) LCM of($'i$*,$*$**,$-*$*$) (420)

    7) Avg of (10,20,21) ($***$)

    8) 420 ($$*$**$**)

    9) 9+7-3*6+4-12/6(1')

    A ;s the son of B


    A is the father of B


    A is the brother of B


    * P*Q-R

    a)P is the Uncle of Rlike this 4 options will be given. You should choose the correct one 

    11) P*Q+R 12) P+Q-R
    \'1 G

    12.* A cube is cut into 216 parts. The 2nd , 4th and 6th layers of the front face are removed and then painted black. Now answer the following questions 
    13) How many cubes are painted on only one side? 
    14) How many cubes are painted on only 2 sides? 
    15) How many cubes are painted on only 3 sides? 
    16) How many cubes are painted on only 4 sides? 
    17) How many cubes are painted 0 sides?

    2.* Data sufficiency questions

    3.(c) Only condition 1 is required to solve

    4.(d) Only condition 2 is required to solve

    5.(e) Both are required

    6.(f) Both are not sufficient

    18) Find whether X is odd 1) 2*X is even2xA2 is odd 

    19) How many seconds does a minute hand takes to rotate 360 degrees
    1) Minute hand revolves round the clock 5 times in a minute '
    2) Minute hand is 5 times greater than short hand
    *There are 4 cities AB,e,D. There are 4 Routes from A to S, 3 routes from S to C, and 2 routes from C to D. Then in how many different ways can A go to D. 

    1.* Cube is cut into 125 small cubes then from 2nd and fourth horizontal column the 2nd and 4th cubes are removed then cube is painted -5q's based on these like how many have only 1 side, 2 side painted.

    2.* A black cube was cut into 64 equal pieces. Then 4 cube of one face which were in diagonal removed and then coloured red. Answer the following questions

    1.What is the difference between the number of cubes which is coloured in 3 side, in the previous (black) and now (red)? 
    2.What is the difference between the number of cubes which is coloured in 2 side, in the previous (black) and now (red)?
    3.What is the difference between the number of cubes which is coloured in 1 side, in the previous(black) and now(red)?
    4 How many cubes will be unchanged? **·KCT***

    * A, B, C, Dare 4 B/W photo; P, Q, Rare 3 Colour Photo. There are 2 album!X,Y.. You have to put photos in those two albums. In such a way that... B, P and Q, C cant in same album. An album can hold max 2 Colour photo."

    Venn diagram questions
    1.* Suppose there were 3 shares a, b, c were people read a type paper 40%, b type paper 60%, c type paper 60%, ab type paper 25 %, bc type paper 11% ac type paper 22% and abc type paper 5% .(the values are examples, try to solve problem of this type from RS Aggarwal).

    2.* Suppose, A+B means A is the son of B;A-B means A is the wife of B; A*B means A is the brother of B; Then what does P+R-Q mean or what does D*F-E means....just this type of questions.

    3.* Decimal to Binary Number conversion (Say, $=1,*=0 then find the value of 342 or Find the LCM of 12,15,18 or find the sum of $$** + *$$$ ....etc very simple)

    Venn diagrams :( questions 01-05) j
    1.Out of 50 men in a town, 30 are Lions club members, 10 are Lions members as well as Rotary club members. There are 3 who do not belong either. Then how many Rotary club members are there? 
    (a) 15 (b)18 (c) 20 (d) 25

    2.Total of 100 people work in an organization. Of which 63 work in office, 57 work in factory and there are none who work outside. Then how many of them work in both?
    (a) 10 (b) 25 (c) 18 (d) 20

    3. Repeat the question no 2. How many of them work only in office?
    (a) 43 (b) 40 (c) 52 (d) 45

    4. In a college one day 120 students came to canteen. on that day 50 drank Tea.60 drank Coffee, 45 drank Cool drinks, 20 drank both Tea &Coffee, 15 drank both Coffee& '1001 drink ,none drank both ,none drank all the three. How many drank only tea?
    (a) 42 (b) 30 (c) 22 (d) 32

    5. Repeat the question no 4.how many of them drink at least two?
    (a) 40 (b) 30 (c) 25 (d) 35

    Aptitude questions (6-10)

    1.A train for Luck now leaves for every 2 1/2hrs from Delhi station. An announcement was made that train left 40mins ago and next train comes at 18:00hrs.At what time was the announcement made? 
    (a) 17:00hrs (b) 16:30hrs (c) 17:25hrs (d) 16:10hrs

    2.A merchant purchased 20 dozens of pencils at rate of 375 Rs per dozen: Then he sold each one at 33Rs.what is his % profit? 
    (a) 4.5 (b) 6.2 (c) 5.6 (d).'3.5

    3.Value of vehicle at end of each year depreciates at the rate of 3/5th of value at the beginning. If Initial value is 1O,OOORs then at the end of three years its value is?
    (a) 2600 (b) 2160 (c) 2100 (d) 2400

    10. 500 people came to exhibition. Entry fee was 3Rs each. A draw was held on tickets and announced 1st prize of 300Rs/-and 3 second prizes of 100Rs/-each. How much gain was raised with the draw? -. ***KCT*** Direction) each questions given has a problem and two statements numbered I and II given certain information. You have to decide if the information given in the statement is sufficient for answering the problem. Indicate your answer as

    1.(I) If the data in statement I along are sufficient to answer the questions;
    2.(II) If the data in statement II along are sufficient to answer the questions;

    (III) If both statements are required.

    (IV) If the data in both the statement together are not sufficient to answer the questions.

    Data Sufficiency problems (Questions 11-15)

    11. Is square of number an integer?
    1.(i) Number=6
    2.(ii) Number=11/12
    (a) I (b) II (c) III (d) IV

    12. Area of rectangle PORS?
    (i)PO=RS=10 (ii)PR=OS=10"0.5
    (a) I (b) II (c) III IV

    13. The number of pers s entered into hall after 8:00PM
    (i) if rate is 2 rsons per min after 8:00PM (Ii) If rate is persons per two mins after 8:00PM
    (a) I (b) II (c) III (d) IV

    14. If 3 friends A B, C can completes work in 36 days then In how many days can B complete? 
    (i)if A&B together complete in 18 days
    (ii) if B,t together complete in 24 days
    (a) I (b) II (c) III (d) IV

    Binary Numbers Conversion (Questions 16-20) Directions: In a certain code: the symbol for 0 (zero) is * and that for 1 is $. The numbers greater than 1 are to be written only by using the two symbols given above. The value of the symbol for 1 doubles itself every time it shifts one place to the left.
    1.LCM ($*$, $$$$, $*$**$*)
    3.Average (70,170,270)
    4.($'$$)$$ -($"*$)*$
    5.Represent 343

    Problems on Cubes (questions 20-25) There are two cubes (A, B). Each of it is cut into 64 pieces .From the front face of cube A cubes on both the diagonal ate removed. Same is repeated to cube B. Now cube A is placed over cube B to form a rectangular cuboid and painted black.

    21. The number of cubes that are not painted black?
    (a)32 (b)36 (c) -( (d)48

    22. The number of cubes that are one side painted black?
    (a) 32 (b) 36 (c) (d) 48

    23. The number of cubes that are two sides painted black?
    (a) 32 (b) 36 (c) (d) 48

    24. The number of cubes that are three sides painted black?
    (a) 32 (b) 36 (c) (d) 48

    25. The number of cubes that are one side painted black?
    (a) 32 (b) 36 (c) (d) 48

    1.If 50% eat apples, 60% eat oranges, 50% eat banana, 20% eat both apple and oranges, 30% eat orange and bananas, 20% eat banana and apples, 10% eat all of them. i) How many % does eat any fruits a)O b)10 c)30 d)20 ii) How many eat exactly two fruits? iii) How many eat only apple? ***KCT***

    2.Out of100 students, 74 passed in physics. 76 passed in chemistry and 60 passed in both. How many students failed?

    3) 3 cubes problem: It was like you have 27 cubes one side is dipped into green. Then you remove the middle cube of every face and cut into 8 smaller cubes and smaller cubes are dipped in blue.

    Ouestions were more to do with difference between the cubes of green and blue which are painted on two sides ...

    4) There are B people sitting in anticlockwise direction. P,O, R, S,T, U,V,W. It is a square/rectangle arrangement with 4 on each sides.

    o is on left of R. V is on right of T. Sand Ware opposites. T is in between V and W. i) Who is opposite of P ii) Which of the statement is true R is opposite of 0 5) Some 5 questions on binary number system ($ is for 1 and * for 0) 
    i) what is the LCM of (13,26,30) 
    ii) 3*4+15-6/3 can be expressed as 
    iii)1176 is represented as?

    Two cubes are there. First cube is divided into 125 parts and second cube is divided 64 parts. Each cube of 1 unit, now these 2 cubes were joined. New the cubes which are in the dlaqonal of both the bigger cubes were removed and both cubes were joined and painted on the outer surface. ***KCT*** . How many cubes are there which are painted in4sides... 3sides...2sides....1side...and0side painted?

    There are 729 cubes and from the edges the 1st, 3'd,5th , i h and 9th pieces are removed and the remaining are painted in black. 
    1) Find the number not coloured black 
    2) Find the number with 2 sides Black 
    3) Find the number with 1 side black 
    4) Find the number with 3 sides black 
    5) Find the number with more than 3 sides black

    First answer the last question its Zero since none can be colored with more than 3 sides.

    Logic: 729 cubes means 9 X 9 X 9 cubes, so there are a total of B cuts on each perpendicular plane. Now on each plane you are removing the 1st,3rd,5th,7th and 9th.Just add on each side and remember the 1st and 9th will be same for two adjacent edges and now start counting.

    A rail network consist of 68 routes touching station A, B, C. 5 routes touches each of the three station. 2 routes touches B, C; 3 route touches B, A 4 Route touches A, C. The ratio of route touching the A:B:C are 11:15:8. Find out how many route touches A, B, C, only. Find out also how many routes touches A, B, C station? ;

    Two consecutive sides of a cube were painted with dark colour, and the opposlte faces were painted with white. Rest of them is painted with yellow. The cube is divided into 64 equal parts. How many of them are painted in (i) one side only (ii) two side only?

     A teacher has 120 sweets with him. If there were 4 students less then each of the students will get one more each. Find the number of students?

    1 is represented as $ ois represented as * 1)361/19 can be represented as 
    Ans::361/19=19 so it is represented as $**$$

    2)2+9/11*2 can be represented as 

    3)LCM of (3,5,11 )+13 

    4)Average of four numbers is given and that should be represented as Similarly one more Q i~ given

    From Venn Diagram it is like Restaurant table design problem 6 out of 200 are chosen by all designers 11 members have no preferences 6 are chosen only round and rectangular table 6 are chosen only square and rectangular table 7 are chosen only round and square table 64 are chosen round tables 5 Questions are given related to it
    1) No. of members who selected only round 
    2) No. of members who selected only square 
    3) No. of members who selected only rectangular 

    Logical Reasoning

    (20 questions, 20 minutes)

    1) Picture Sequence

    2) Logic Type (Syllogism)

    3) Puzzle

    4) Statement-Conclusion Type (or) Implied and double implied sentences

    1 to 7 questions: Pick the odd one out

    8 to 10 questions: Pick the next sequence

    11 to 12 questions: Logic: You have to choose the options that logically follow the statements

    mad~ >/J;
    CY ~l P

    11. Leat wh~ver am in the.hotel

    (i) I am in hotel 
    (ii)f eat CN /1v
    (iii) I"don't ~at
    (iv) I am not in hotel.
    (a)iJt,i" (b),ii~~ (/q)i ,ii (d)iv, iii
    Y Q:

    12. Either~· stUd~ orWatch TV) / .
    (i)\' study \' ., 
    (ii)1 watch T.V
    (iii) I don't study
    (iv) rrdon~t watch T.V (.a> JiLl i (b),j,ii, ii (c)iv,ii (d)iv, jj

    L'~' ~

    13 to 17 questions: On Logical deductions
    1.All intelligent are merit holders. Some merit holders are poor
    2.All mosquitoes are ants Some ants are mammals
    3.Some graduates are MBA holders. Some graduates who are not MBA holders are unemployed

    18-20 questions: Puzzle Type In a city there is a building of 4 storey height. There are 8 friends A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H who live in that building with 2 flats on each floor. Flats on ground floor are numbered 5, 6 from left end to right. Flats on first floor are numbered 3, 4 from right end to left. Flats on second floor are numbered 1, 2 from left side to right. Flats on third floor are numbered 7, 8 from right side to left.

    Now A lives in flat 4. B lives in the top floor along with D and two storey above Flat of F. C lives in flat 5. H&E lives in the same floor.

    1.What is flat number of B? (a)3 (b)1 (e) 7 (d)6
    2.What is correct order?
    (a) 3-A 
    (b) 1-D 
    (c) 7-E 

    20. What if D&F, C&E exchange there flats then who stays below C? (a)A (b)D (c)F (d)G ***KCT*** Given below are two premises. Find the conclusion. 1) All students are not intelligent.

    Only intelligent pass the examination. 
    A) Some students are intelligent. 
    B) Some students who pass the examination are intelligent. 
    C) Some students pass the examination.. 
    D) None of the options..

    2) All boys are handsome. Some handsome are cheaters. A) All handsome are boys. B) Some boys who are handsome are cheaters. C) Some cheaters who are handsome are boys. D) None of the options

    3) Some teachers are adults. Some adults are poets 
    A) Some teachers are poets 
    B) Some teachers who are adults are poets 
    C) Some adults who are not teachers are poets 
    D) None of the options

    4) All intelligent students are merits Some intelligent students are poor A) Some intelligent students who are merits are poor

    B) All poor people are merits

    C) Some people are not intelligent students

    D) None of the options

    5) All P's are a's

    All a's are R's

    All R's are S's

    Some a's are Ts

    A) Some P's are T's

    B) SomeP's which are a's and S's are T's

    C) No P's which are a's are T's

    D) None of the options

    For 6 and 7: Which of the following given options logically follows the given statements?
    1.I will do my homework if I have time a) I have time . b) I will do my homework , , c) I will not do my homework d) I don't have time A)aandb B)candd C) d and c D) none of the options ***KCT***

    2.If the light is switched on, then I will study. A) the light is switched on or I will study B) I will not study and the light is not switched on C) I will study or the light is switched on D) the light is not switched on and I will not study

    Each of the four students Kunal, Rajesh, Rashmi, and Poonam went to a Test centre for giving their GMAT exam. They were wearing four diffferent colors Maroon, Purple, Blue, and Yellow not necessarily in the same order. There were four cabins Cabin1, Cabin2, Cabin3 and Cabin4 in the test centre. Each cabin can accommodate only one student.

    If Poonam wears Purple then Kunal wears Maroon. If Poonam sits in Cabin1 or cabin3, then Kunal sits in cabin2. If Rajesh wears Blue then Rashmi wears Yellow. If the person who wears Blue sits in cabin2 then the person who wears yellow sits in cabin3. If Rajesh doesn't wear blue then Kunal wears blue. If Rashmi wears yellow then Poonam sits in cabin1 or cabin4. If the person who wears maroon sits in cabin2 then the person who wears purple sits in cabin3. If the person who wears purple sits in cabin2 then rashmi sits in cabin4. Kunal doesn't wear blue.

    1. Who sits in the cabin3? 
    a) Kunal b) Rashmi c) Rajesh d) Poonam 

    2.Which color is worn by Kunal? 
    a) Maroon b) Yellow c) Purple d) Blue

    3. Which color is worn by Poonam? 
    a) Maroon b) Yellow c) purple d~Blue

    If Tend~kar plays till end India will win the match 
    a) Tendulkar plays till end 
    b) India wins the match
    c) Tendulkar falls cheaply 
    d) llJ9ta~s d match Arm B)a~and cd C)b D)d

    v. If X travels without a ticket he will be fined 50 bucks a) X buys the ticket b) X was not fined c) X doesn't buy a ticket d) X was fined 
    A) ab B) cd C) ab n cd D) none

    Some questions like 
    1) All A's are B's 2) All B's are C's Then choose the correct option based on the above statements

    1) All tables are chairs 
    2) Some tables are desks

    1) No mammals are animals 
    2) Some animals are goats

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