CTS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -

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    7 Jan, 2012

    CTS - Sample Placement Question Papers

    Technical Interview:

    They are asking questions mostly from our own fields but C is a must for the interview??

    They don't ask your area of interest & they don't know what u know .

    They will ask what they know.

    Most of the interview panels are asking questions about Communication & Computer network .Don't forget to revise digital & optical communication?.

    They ask me lot of the questions from those two

    Why optical fibre is preferred with respect to Coaxial cable ?
    How signal are transmitted in optical communication ?
    What are the specific areas of application for LED and LASER and the differences between the two devices ?
    What is effect of quantisation on bandwidth of signal ?
    Questions based on basic network topologies , 7 layer protocal
    Structure of TCP/IP, basic protocal of physical layer , data link layer,physical layer, routing procedures etc & all that what we have read for the semester ?.

    Even they are asking questions from Telecommunication & Microwave.

    From basic electronics they are asking very easy question from diodes, transistors FET , IC theory etc what u can easily answer.

    They are taking interviews minimum 25 minutes to 40 minutes?.

    *They asked me some HR question in the time of technical & *** most surprisingly so many technical questions in the time of HR?

    HR Interview:

    I am not getting the job due the HR interview? My interviewer was a tough person to crack & chewed my head??

    They will give u a form to fill up which contains the columns like ur strength,

    weakness, why u prefer CTS , what u know about CTS, ur plans with CTS, the skills needed to be a software professional & why u prefer to be a software professional?.

    Please fill up those carefully because in HR interview they will cross those points.

    Some questions that they asked me and others in HR

    If u want to be a software professional, then why u chose Electronics as ur subject ?
    Give me a quick run on your CV ?
    What is ur hobby ? (Don't lie in this case because they will ask a lot more from ur hobby.)
    What is ur next five years plan ?
    Judge urself both as an engineer & as a human being ?
    What u know about CTS ?
    If u get 7 days holiday how do u want to spend it ?
    What is ur family background ?
    That?s all what I know?.Best of luck to all of u


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