CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   UVCE-02 Apr 2008

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   UVCE-02 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    CTS PAPER ON 3rd APRIL 2008

    Hi Guys!!! This is Haritha from 6th sem ISE from Bangalore.. CTS came to our college on 3rd of April but the preplacement talk was on 31st of March..

    The selection process was for 2 days i'e 3rd n 4th..
    v had apti round on 3rd n
    HR+TECH round on 4th

    I didn attend apti since i was one among top ten, but, ve few impt topics to share with u all... 

    there was not much of apti questions it seems,.. but it was totally regarding english comprehension like correct the given sentences, syllogism, visual reasoning i'e find the odd one out from the given set of figures n odd one out from the given numbers.. arranging the sentences in proper sequence.. 

    My friends told me that the verbal n non verbal resoning of RS Agarwal n Fews books which stress on english r sufficient...
    HR guys r cool!!  It went on this way.. As soon as i Entered there was a big smile on his face as a result even i had smile from beginning..

    ME: may i come in sir?
    HR: Yes, please!!
    ME: Good Morning Sir
    HR: Good Morning! (PAUSE) Take ur seat!!
    ME :Thank u sir!
    HR: So, u r haritha?
    ME: Yes Sir.
    HR: Can u tell me abt urself?
    ME: I had prepared for it n answered it n just try to cover all the topics wat all has been included in ur resume!!
    HR: which is ur favourite sub?
    ME: Datastructures..
    HR: yes? Hardly people say they like it n are u comfortable with it!!! can u tell me other subjects u had in previous semesters??
    ME: Answered it!!
    HR: asked me to explain the quick sort
    ME: I did it.. and was also asked to write the algorithm so i did it..
    HR: Which is the efficient algo for sorting?
    ME: aswered it!!
    HR: wat all topics do u know in data structures?
    ME: Answered!!
    HR: R u comfortable with Doubly linked lists??
    ME: Yes sir.
    HR: Can u explain me any one function on DLL?
    ME: I explained him abt inserting at the rear end n insering at front end!! and was asked to write the algorithm n i did it!! i was sure that the algo which i had written was correct but he kept arguing that its wrong later it was correct!! (THANK GOD!!)
    HR: why CTS? Wat r ur expectations from CTS?
    ME: Answered it!!
    HR: Any questions for me?
    ME: Yes sir!! And asked him abt work culture in cts n wat kind of training does a fresher undergo? he answered it..
    HR: GUD LUCK!!
    ME: THANK U SIR!!! 

    LISTEN TO PPT PROPERLY!! U GET MORE INFORMATION FROM IT ABT CTS!! it was actuallly useful for me to answer y CTS? n expectations from CTS? 

    Prepare for basics in C++, microprocessor, Diff b/w c c++ java?(even if u ve not mentioned  it in ur resume but had it in cirriculum) Diff b/w struct n union, assembler n interpretor?few recursive programs like fibonacci, factorial, printing prime nos, reverse of  a string n number  these r few diff topics on which my friends were asked.. Just go thro the current topics that is going on around atleast from 15 days.. 

    Later at 10 pm results were out and i got placed in CTS!!! 


    Thank you,

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