CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   TKR Engg. Collge, Hyderabad-31 Oct 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   TKR Engg. Collge, Hyderabad-31 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi friends ,
       I am Ravi sharma doing my Final yr btech  ECE ... from Malla Reddy Engineering college . i was selected in CTS .. i would like to post my experience .. so that it might be a little helpful to u all . ..
    My interview was been conducted my Merittrack consultants .
    They have basically two rounds

     1) Written test

     2) Tech + HR Round


    In written test they have three sections ..


    a) Verbal 25 questions & 20 Min 

    b) Math   25 questions & 30 min

    c)Logical Reasoning 20 question in 20 min


      Here u need to fill a data sheet along with ur hobbies .. every sem marks .. software skills . infact a very lengthy data sheet . this will be again used at tme of interview .


      For written part i would suggest all the members to prep with TIME study material . Not all books . Jus study  Venn diagrams , Sets & Relations , Cubes problesm . these are importants .. other questions will be dam easy . As i was prep with these question , My written test was easy for me . ... later at end of the day they announced the results  .. By gods grace i qualified written exam .. n was selected for Tech + HR round which was to be held next day .


    Then  , On next day .. morning the CTS ppl examined the Certificates of 10th inter n btech . teh they will give each one of you a panel number .. based on that panel number u need to wait at that particular door .

    Then finally my turn came .. to get to HR . i first dint knew what question he will ask but i was prep with both Techncical question . i suggest all of u to prep with ur subject back ground , i mean the subjects which u have previously completed .


    So , i got in to HR .. My interview was as follows. Here confidence is important ... be confident .. never lose hopes ...


    Me: Gud afternoon Sir ! ( with a gr8 smile)

        ( i suggest here smile is very important)

    HR: Gudafter noon , plz sit . ( then heintroduced    himself n shaked hand with me ) wait untill HR offers u hand .


      So Ravi sharma .. tell me about ur self .


    ME : blah blah .....


    HR : OK now tell me about ur family background .


    ME: sir , my dad is a business man , n mom is a house wife. i also have a younger sis .


    HR : oh , your dad is into businees , then y r u plannign fot IT filed .


    ME: sir i am intrested in doing a IT job rather than going into business . I dont like businees environment .


    HR : ok, tell me your achivements ....


    ME: told


    HR : ok fine ,  ( got impressed with my achivemenst)

         what r ur hobbies ..


    ME : sir i read novel .. browse net .. n blah blah blah


    HR : ok , why do u want to shift from electtronics side to IT side ..


    ME : sir , i have passion towards electronics .. but in todays world , .. theyre is more career growth in IT .. n am more concerned   about my career .. so i want to choose IT rather than electronics.


    HR : ok what is u r offered a job at CTS n a job in a very good electronics company ina very good position , which one do u choose.


    ME : simple sir , i would go with CTS .. as i said i want to grow in IT sector only .. blah blah


    HR : what r ur short & long term plans ?


    ME:  sir i wnat ot get into a Good IT company , like CTS n grow my career in IT field to achive my goal .


    HR : good , .are you willing to relocate ! do you have any family constranint .


    ME: NO SIR , i dont have any family constraint. i am willing to relocate any where CTS places me .


    HR : telle me about ur strengths n weakness , .. You mentioned ur flexinble n hardworking in data sheet .. how do u justify ..


    ME : blah bhlah .... ( dont mention ur weakness as far as possible try to neglect )


    HR : ok , any question u have with CTS .


    ME: yeah sir , does CTs expects its traniee engg to be prep with any sftware platform . is there any particular platform do i need to prep with .


    HR : started speaking ... i dint knew what he told .. i just nodded my head .


        Any more question ?


    ME: no sir , i thnk CTs for giving the opp to attend this interview .. & it was nice meeting with u sir ,


    .. OVer .... see my interview was soo easy .. but remember friends .. the main thng is confidence .. u need to be confident in ur answers ..


    Confidence is half the vicotry .  .. i wish you all the best ..


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