CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   TKR Engg College, Hyderabad.-31 Oct 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   TKR Engg College, Hyderabad.-31 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    hello friends,

    I am Bhavani Sankar Mitta, pursuing my final year MCA from Intell Engg college, Anantapur. i am happy to say that i got placed in CTS. i had appeared for CTS interview which was conducted in TKR Engg., College, Hyd., thru cpm. nearly 2560 members attended the interview.
    Now i am going to give my interview experience which is as follows,
    the pattern will be
    1. Writen test and
    2. Tech cum HR Interview
    for the written test,
    the pattern is

    a) Verbal 25 questions & 20 Min 

    b) Math   25 questions & 30 min

    c)Logical Reasoning 20 question in 20 min

    Finding correct and incorrect sentences (10)
    jumbled sentences(5)
    Reading Comprehensions(2)
    Analytical Reasoning cum Mental Ability
    cubes & dice
    logical deductions
    picture based analogy
    venn diagrams
    binay conversion(same but 0's and 1's are represented differently)
    data sufficiency etc.,
    the written exam is easy, but the toughest part is english section y becoz, they will give u 25 questions in which finding  correct and incorrect sentences are difficult, as they give four options( eg., i &ii, i,ii & iii, i,iii&iv like this) to each question, and the sequence they give is at random, the first two will be of finding out correct sentences and then the next questions will be incorrect and then correct, like this 10 questions of this type will be mixed up and more over ppl will get easily confused by the procedure they followed. so take care in attending them and my suggestion is to go to RC section at last as it eats up the time.

    my technical interview is as follows,

    there are upto 25 panels nearly
    and in my panel two members were there,
    me: gud evening sir (with smile)
    ints: is it gud evening ?(they surprised me, the time is around 4:25 pm see, here my presence of mind got counted)  said ok gud evening, sit down
    me: thank u sirs
    int1: how is the day
    me: fine sir
    int1: had ur lunch
    me: yes sir, just before i completed my lunch
    int2: how did u prepare for the written exam
    me: actually, i have gone thru all the model papers along with my usual preparation for the exam, sir
        i have written soft skills set as C,C++,OS, DBMS, OOPs concepts
    then he glanced at that section and asked  what u know in dbms
    me: almost all the concepts sir(with confidence)
    int2: almost all the concepts., then tell me about normalisation
    me: answered
    int2: then bcnf, then list out the keys
    me: i said all except foreign key
    int1: is there any key like secondary key
    int 2: he hinted at me saying foreign key
    me: answered it
    int 2: what is the diff b/w unique and primary keys
    me: explained
    int1: tell me concepts in OOPs
    me: i started telling all, but when i said data abstraction he inerrupted and asked
    int2: if layman comes to u, then how will u explain him about data abstraction
    me: i took example of stack and explained him
    int2: how u r at programming
    me: very good sir
    int1: is it., r u very good at programming, he questioned again
    int2: will u write a program that swaps two variables with out using third variable
    me: immediately, i said, u want me to write sir, then he said no and he gave for loop as follows
    printf(" bhavani");
    then he asked me, how many times it will print bhavani
    i said, 2 times sir
    then he again asked, if the variable is of double type then what's the result
    i said the same answer, then
    int2: are u sure about ur answer
    me: i said same sir with confident voice
    int2: he repeated the question again
    me: i repeated the answer again with more confidence, then he said actual answer that it loops for infinite times
    int2: later i agreed with him as i realised my mistake
    int1: then he started asking hr questions
     this were quite tricky, my confindence and presence of mind helped me to get success in the interview
    int1: r u flexible
    me: yes sir
    int1: r  u relocatable
    me: yes sir,
    i answered, u can through me any where in this world
    surprsingly he said, any where in the world
    will u work in sahara desert, (here my flexibility was tested)
    i said yes sir, if the company is there means i am ready to work sir
    then other guy asked, will u work in kolkata
    i answered yes,
    will u work in china?
    yes sir,
    int: there ppl eat snakes and frogs, will u eat?
    me: yes i wll eat sir,
    int: r u non veg or veg,
    me: non veg sir
    int: will u work in shifts
    me: yes sir, ultimately,
    int: r u sure that will u be selected for company
    me: yes sir (see my friends, here they r testing my confidence level)
    int: how can u know that u will be selected for the company, dont u compare with others
    me: i remailed silent for a while and replied, yes sir, i am sure about my selection, based on my performance, u will announce my result sir
    int:then, u have mentioned that ur weakness is "i still need to improve my english speaking skills,", then how r u overcoming that
    me: sir, i talk only in english with all my friends and encourage them too to talk in english
    int: then
    me: i will read news papers sir, the hindu especially
    int: he asked who is the editor of hindu,
    me: i have not got his name by that time, so i remained silent
    he continued with the next question
    int:tell me about ur college
    me: i explained 5 sentences about my college( only +ve points)
    int: stopped me, saying u r talking only  positive about ur college
    me: sir, we have to get adjusted with what we have sir, ( see my friends at any time we should not say bad about any thing)
    int: u have mentioned that ur interest is to learn new languages, what u have learnt in the past six months
    me: sir, we have been introduced vb and vc++ in our present semester and i am learning them sir
    int: some questions on my name
    before that, he asked again abt my selection
    me: i replied with utmost confidence that i will be selected and said, if that is the case, i will treat it as exp., which is the greatest one, which everyone should learn
    int: he asked abt my name and then said thank u
    me: i left the intrvw room confidently
         see, my friends, in the intrvw they will check our confidence level, so never surrender at any time,
    hoping that my exp will help u,
    the results were announced on the other day and by god's grace, i was selected.

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