CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Techno India College-03 Mar 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Techno India College-03 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    CTS came to our campus( Techno India) on 4th mar.........

    It has 3 sections:

    Verbal, quantitative & reasoning.

    No -ve marking, no sectional cut-off

    Verbal section ( Very very tough.I could solve maximum 7-8 questions)
    2 reading comprehensions

    About a travel agency & about a fantacy story consisting of Alice & a cat
    4 questions from each comprehension

    4 jumbled sentences
    4 sentences were given & we had to find to the incorrect sentence from among them
    4 sentences were given & we had to find out the correct sentence

    Quantitative section ( Really very easy. Some questions colud be solved mentally)

    ·        2 questions on Venn diagram

    ·        1 question on perm n comb

    ·        4-5 ques on binary no conversion

    ·        4-5 ques on data sufficiency

    ·        3-4 ques on cubes


    Reasoning section ( Very very easy)

    ·        Series completion ( both no series & picture series)

    ·        Logical reasoning ( to be solved by Venn diagram)

    ·        1 puzzle

     The technical & HR interviews were held together. It was very cool. Some questions were like:

    • Introduce urself briefly
    • What were ur previous sems subjects?
    • So what is a microprocessor?
    • What does the address bus do?
    • Upon whose instructions does it carry the address bits?
    • What is a clock?
    • What does the read & write signal do?
    • What languages do u know? (I mentioned C,C++, Java)
    • Is C a high-level or a low-level language?
    • What is high-level & a low- level language?
    • Give examples of each.
    • Do u have any interests in sports?
    • Which club? ( I had mentioned swimming in my CV)
    • What is a kernel?
    • Why is normalisation done?
    • What is a stack?
    • Do u have any idea abt offshore?
    • What is the latest trend in IT?
    • Do u read newspapers?
    • So what is todays headlines?
    • Can u work outside?

    Finally the results were out next day............... & by god's sake I was among the selected candidates........

    Wish u all  a very very good luck...... hope meet u in CTS.....


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