CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   St.Thomas Engg College, Kolkata-2 Dec 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   St.Thomas Engg College, Kolkata-2 Dec 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi freshers,

    I am Koyel Kujan Kundu from Kolkata,recently I have appeared for CTS offcampus on 2nd december,2006.here I/m sharing my experience with u all,as it's very helpful,

    I have selected finally in CTS.

    Aptitude paper as usual,nothing new,that's why I/m not telling abt that,here only I share my Interview experience,

    technical interview:

    in my pannel there was one lady interviewer, she asked me fisrt about myself,then my academic background(as it is very consistent from 10th to degree),she gave me some complements, then she went through the form,asked me in details one by one

    i]why CTS?
    ii]short term ,long term goal
    iii]quality of good software professional
    iv]expectations from CTS
    v] expectations from U
    vi]my hobbies & interests,
    as I told listening music,then she asked what kind of music,fav song,etc

    then she offered me snacs,I told "no mam thankx". then she started my technical interview. as I told my fav subject RDBMS,she asked me diff question from "INDEX,TRIGGER,KEY,LOCKING". I didn't anser two question regarding rowid & rownum I told confidentlt "I cant remember right now mam,but I heard the two terms," then she asked me the concept of paging,deadlock,process scheduling etc

    almost 20 minutes over, then I had to wait for another round of HR interview

    HR interview:

    HR:tell me koyelkujan quickly what will u do after joining CTS?
    me:I told my short term & long term goal,as I'm basically from ECE so I need a competetive,furnished training to establish myself as software professional,
    then I want to go through diff level of certication couses to upgrade myself continuouly,in the long run I want to be the software architect.
    HR:well till now what campuses u have attained?
    me:I told my campus situation briefly
    HR:u have any question to ask?
    me: I asked him abt CMMI level certification as on dec 20 CTS,Coembatore has achieved CMMI level5 version 1.2 certification as first global organization.My interview was on 22nd dec
    HR:he appriciated me & told me clearly,
    that's all abt my interview,

    final list came on 29th dec, thankx GOD I was selected.

    frnds in the Interview try to build ur confidence level high,perfect eye contact,good corporate etiquettes,speaking good english,never be nervous,if u don't know anything or know little,better u tell frankly "sorry sir/madam I don't know",

    All the best,happy new year 2007 ahead of u, waiting for u all in CTS.

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