CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   St. Thomas Institute Of Technology,Kolkata-03 Feb 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   St. Thomas Institute Of Technology,Kolkata-03 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012




    Dear friends I am sukanti here this is the test paper which I faced on 3 rd feb ,2007

    There was 3 sections

    Section I- 2 passages was given 20 questions total,time was 20 min ,total marks  20.


    Section II-after completion of section  I u can open Sec. I I.A little bit easy  than section I.

    totally consist of  35 qs.they were very easy. U just need to go through R.S.Agarwal.

    problems include ?venn diagrams , Cube problems. for Venn diagrams if possible go through sachdevas MBA  tutorial study material & some more qs.


    Section III-only some logical reasoning I am sure u can do it without any prior preparations. Just apply u?r  commonsense.


    Day 2(5 th feb,monday)

    My interview time was 10 AM..In my panel only one person as I entered the room I wish him good morning sir with a gentle smile.


    Interv.-take u?r seat sukanti and introduce u?r self.

    Me- answered using the following points

    1.Who and from where I am.

    2.My academic carrier. Starting from M.Tech (pls. Do not mention u?r percentage until u r asked to do so).

    3.My family.


    Int:- what was u?r favorite subject in class 12?

    Me: ?Physics

    Int:-Tell me about modern physics

    Me: ?answered.

    Int:-What is the Newton?s 3 rd law?


    Int:- What is an array?

    Me:-Answered using data types that can be stored.

    Int:- What is homogeneous data type?

    Me:- answered.

    Int:-What is OOP?

    Me:- Answered using the partitioned memory concept.

    Int:-What is the basic difference between C++ and JAVA?

    Me:-answered (Explain why C++ is not a fully OOP language and why JAVA is).

    Int:- what is u?r future plan?

    Me:- Research.

    Int:-What is u?r long term and short term plan with CTS?

    Me:- To learn and work for CTS.

    Int:-Why CTS?

    Me:-CTS recruiting a lot of fresher and I am a fresher that?s why CTS.

    He gave me a puzzle 2 swap 2 variables without using a 3 rd variable and explain it to him. After that he was very impressed.

    Int:.-(With a confirmed shake hand) It is nice to meet u sukanti.


    It was around 30 min. The result was announced at CTS website on that night and  my name was there at index number 12.


    Friends at the time of interview u have to write the following informations

    1.What is u?r expectation from CTS?

    2.What is u?r long term & Short term plan with CTS?

    3.Mention some points that u think need to be a good soft.engg?

    4.software orientation

    5.ur strong points and week points.


    Be careful about the informations .Bcoz  u?r written answers must be consistence with  the answers at the time of interview.  During written test  time management is very very crucial.There was no negative marking.


    Be cool & perfect and remember ?god is good?

    Sukanti Mondal

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