CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   St. Thomas College Of Engg & Tech, Kolkata-05 Jan 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   St. Thomas College Of Engg & Tech, Kolkata-05 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I am Abhinav Mukherjee from st. Thomas' college of Engineering and Technology. My department is Electronics and Communication.

    This is my first experience of a campus recruitment process!

    Cognizant visited our campus on 6th January, 2011.

    Out of 255 eligible candidates 219 cleared the first round (written test). Finally 175 were selected as finalist after the interview.

    Written Test:

    This consisted of 2 papers

    1. Verbal Ability (25 marks 30 mins)

    This consisted of 2 comprehension passages, choosing the grammatically correct sentences, syllogisms and finding the odd in a group. The question patterns were repetitve. My suggesstion would be to try and attempt the passages correctly.

    2. Logical Resoning (30 marks 30 mins)

    This section was not very easy. I remember one puzzle based on blood relation which I couldn't do. This puzzle was not of the type which you will readily find in R.S Aggarwal. The rest consisted of the type coding-decoding, simple puzzles on sitting arrangement and data sufficiency. The last question was on finding out various pecentage based on data provided in two tables. Sincerely solving problems from R.S aggarwal will suffice.

    During the test we were provided a form where we had to fill in the required details. Separate time was provided for this.

    After about 1 hour 15 mins the result of the test was declared and I was through. Then I had to sit for  more than 3 long hours when I was called for my Interview at about 5.30 pm.

    Me: May I come in sir?
    Int: Yes come in.

    Me: Good Evening sir
    Int: Good Evening! Please take your seat.

    Me: Thank you sir. (He was about 45. He was neither smiling nor very serious.)
    Int: Is this your first interview?
    Me: Yes sir.
    Int: So, where is your school located?
    Me: Told
    Int: And your house?
    Me: Told (He seemed to know the place and so he asked me in some details)
    Int: In which area are you comfortable?

    Me: 'C' and Basic Electronics
    Int: While programming which one will you prefer array or pointer?

    Me: Sir, Pointer
    Int: Why?

    Me: Told (Pointers works with addresses and bla bla bla. He was busy with his own work)
    Int: How do you initialize and array?

    Me: Told
    Int: Can you tell me what is the difference between a structure and a union?

    Me: Told
    Int: Are you involved in any project work?

    Me: Told and described somewhat
    Int: OK Abhinav tell me 3 points why I will hire you and 3 points for which I will not hire you?

    Me: Sir, I am hardworking, sincere and have the ability to accept challenges so you can definitely hire me. If I don't get selected, I will think that something must have gone wrong in my interview process and not in my aptitude level since I have already cleared the written round. In that case I will try to improve my body language, communication skills and my confidence level.

    Int: Ok, Abhinav! I'm done. Glad to meet you. (And he shook hands with me)
    Me: Thank you sir (And I walked out quietly)
    This was my interview process. It was about 10-12 mins. I was pretty sure I will get through.
    Next day when results were announced I was delighted to here my name announced as this was my first job.

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