CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   RNSIT, Bangalore-11 Dec 2010

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   RNSIT, Bangalore-11 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Everybody,

    This time Cognizant came in Jadavpur University on 14th December, 2010. I am a student of M.E (multimedia development) 2011 batch. I got selected in this campuss interview.
    At first I want to thank total Freshersworld.com team for their help & guidance, I am thankful to all of my friends too.
    This time the question pattern in the aptitude was changed. There was no quantitative part. I was surprised seeing the paper. The stress was on english comprehension, sentence correction, sentence ordering(sequencing), and logical reasoning part was given. Total 60 questions was to solve in 45 minutes. I completed 70% questions.
    Luckily I got selected in the 1st round. Later on Technical & HR interview was taken together.
    I was asked why I am pursuing M.E (Multimedia) after completing B.Tech in I.T.The subjects I have learned in multimedia. How I can use them in software industry etc.
    I satisfied interviewer.
    Then some simple questions on C & Data Structure, like give differences between array & linked list, in which case these can be used?
    The interviewer was very good he offered me chips & biscuits during interview. But I politely did not accept the offer. I suggest you may accept such offers during interview.
    He asked on my B.Tech final year project. My project was on Java awt and applet based. He asked whether there was any backend tools, how database connectivity can be done using Java etc.
    He also asked my favourite programming language, then I told Java. He told me to say the differences between overloading & overriding, I described in detail using paper.

    He then started asking on HR related questions, like whether you have any place constraints. How long you can stay out of  Kolkata etc. Then, he asked whether I can work on any domain or I had any specific choice like Java etc. I said any, Then he asked why, I replied in any domain I have to learn new things so there is no problem if I have to work on mainframe or Java. Then he asked whether I want to ask anything. I asked how was my interview as per his consideration. He replied with a smile that it was good. Then I asked is there any oppertunities of pursuing MBA in CTS. He explained in detail.
    After 2 days on 16th December, 2010 result was declared and attached in the walls of student's union Jadavpur University. That evening turns the university in a festive mood. Thanks to GOD & Thanks to Cognizant.
    "Be Efficient, Be Effective & Be Cognizant"
    Wishing you all best of luck.
    Anal Kumar Mittra

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