CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-14 Feb 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-14 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi guys ,,

    i m hema i wanna share my experince with u people , so that it hepls you in preparing for cts exams. this company come to our colleeg for selection purpose . first they give ppt which tells abt company ,, and then there was written test which consists of 3 sections . first was english part which carry 2 comprehension passage and logical realted   statemnet we have to aarange them in order . i feel this part was tough and this part has 25 ques which we have to do in      just   20 mins  . as there was no negative marking so i try my gueess in this part ,, but even then i was not ble to solve that fully . and then comes the analytical part wich carry 25 ques they were dam easy and the time limit was 30mins i solve it

    and after that 20mins for 20ques which consists diagrams and among one was wrong we have to find the correct one .the paper end at 12:30 and result declared at 2:00pm and i was very hapy to see my name in taht list

    and then at 2:30 interview starts there were 7 people from the compnay and frrom our colleeh 103 students cleared the wriiten so students are divided into diferent panels and there were 5 panels i was in 2panel and my interview starts at 3:15

    me : i open the door ,, may i come in sir
    there was a handsome man siting there
    intervier: yas ,, come in
    me : gud afternon , sir
    iintiviewer: take ur seat.
    me : thanx sir ..
    intervire: ur name
    me : hema
    intervire: so have u doen in project.
    me : yes sir , epa (electronic product auto mation).
    interviwer: wat is automation
    me : i explainde it .
    interviwer: then he shifted towards databse .
    me : i explainde. all wat i know he even asked me manu qureies i was able to answer him aal
    interiever: ur favorite subject
    me: database
    interview: wat is rdbms??
    me : i explained.
    intervirwe : have u done c++??
    me :: yes sir in preivious semesters .
    interviwer: okay wat is inheritance??
    me : i told and it its types
    interview: explain it in paper
    me : told all.
    intervire: thanx hema , any query from ur side ??
    me : sir ru satisfied with ur job??
    interviwer: bla bla
    me : sir where is ur posting now??
    interviwer: pune , are u willing to go theer ??
    me : yes sir
    interviwer : wat abt andman and nikobar ??
    me : yes sir i will go there
    interviwer: smiled
    me : also paas smile
    interviwer: any other que ?
    me : no thanx sir
    intevwer: u can go now
    thanx sir..
    my interviwer was abt 35 mins ,, but i was not nervous whe i entered the room and handle aall the situation boldly

    so at 10:00pm result declared and i got appoint mnet letter .

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