CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-11 Apr 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-11 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends,
    I am Amit.CTS came to our college on 12th April.2007.They have got the 1st slot in our college.They gave a special offer to us-- All the top 10 students from each deptt. would get oppurtunity for direct interview. Fortunately I'm one of the topper of ECE deptt of our college.So, i got  the chance for direct interview.Our interview started from 6.15pm.But I'm first candidate for interview in pannel no. 4.At first I got astonished.



    There are two interviewers in my panel. Interviewer 1 was very friendly & co-operative while the other was very problem-creater.

    Me:May I get inside sir (with a smile)?

    Interviewer 1:yes.

    Me: Good Evening Sir!

    Intv 1 :tell me about urself Amit.

    Me:(I give my intro as usual.but first one interrupts me).

    Intv 1: Why u choose ECE?And why are u want to join in an IT company like CTS?

    Me: (I told all the reasons)

    Intv 1:What is ur actual rank in ur class?

    Me:  Officially 8th.But actually 7th.

    Intv 1:What is Brownian motion?

    Me: Random motion of sub-atomic particles due to thermal instability.

    Intv 1: What is X-OR gate and draw the circuit of it using NAND or BASIC gates?

    Me: (I draw the truth table ,ckts )

    Intv 1:What are three states of BJT?

    Me :(I can't answer)three states mean.......I know about two states of BJT in digital ckts--ON & OFF..(I can't tell the three states mean--- Active, Saturation & Cut-off regions that  moment & I become very nervous)

    Intv 1: Don't be nervous. It is not a Rocket science. It is very easy job.U can take water from the bottle on the table.

    Me: ( I feel really nervous at that time, but I want to recover myself quickly)thank u sir....I'm OK..

    Intv 2: Do know about C?

    Me: Yes sir.I've a little bit knowledge in C.(Though I know C,Core JAVA,SQL commands ,I only show my  IT knowlegde only in C in my resume)

    Intv 2:Do u know about looping?

    Me: Yes.

    Intv 2:How many types of loops in C?

    Me: Three types---do,do-while & for.

    Intv 2:What is infinite loop?

    Me:(define infinite loop).

    Intv 2:How can u a loop to infinite one?

    Me: (I told that to insert a 1 in the condition checking statement & he frequently aksed in which method it become infinite. I told the answer. But he did not satisfied. I again explained, but.....)

    Intv 1:If u can't tell the answer,I will want to ask some questions.

    Me: yes sir.U can ask me...

    Intv 1:What is Newton's 1st law?

    Me : (I told).

    Intv 1: What is Microwave?

    Me:(though I've read any text about Microwave, I also tried the answer)

    Intv 1:Can u apply Newton's 1st Law to Microwave?

    Me :(this is a chance for me)Actually microwave is a spaecial form of energy and it has no mass.Newton's 1st law can be applicable to the things that have some mass. So, it can not be applicable microwave.If we can transform microwave in such a way to mass by applying Einstein's E=m(C*C) ,then we can apply Newton's 1st law to microwave.(by this answer  i can successful to impress them)

    Intv 1& Intv 2:Very good..!!!  Very good answer...!!!  (with a smile.....)

    Me:(I got my confident back)

    Intv 1:What is triod?

    Me: (I draw the triod and explain its operation.Besides this  i also the reason for which it is now obsolated)

    Intv 1:(Again......)Very good Amit!!!

    Intv 1:Have u any question?

    Me: What type of work culture present in CTS by which CTS become the fastest growing  IT company of the world?

    Intv 1 & Intv 2:(they explain.......)

    Me:thank u sir.thak u (with a smile and hands shake them....)


    This was my interview experience. It would take 20 minutes. At 5.00 am of 13th May, the result was out. They selected only 2 candidates from our panel and all over 101 candidates are selected. Many many thanks to GOD.

    So, be cool and confident at the time of interview. It is very easy. Don't be excited and always behave good in front of them. Hope u all will be successful in our life.........bye.....


    Your friend-------

    Amit Kumar Mondal

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