CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Nirma University,Ahmedabad-11 May 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Nirma University,Ahmedabad-11 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hello friends, for all those aspirants wanting to go in cognizant or CTS whatever b d name.... here I share wid u my experience of d whole journey of getting thru d selection process.

    The Written test was conducted on 11th may @ 8.30 pm in our college followed by a very nice PPT .The PPT itself was very dynamic n interesting. The written test had d following format. The paper was from Merit Trac

    SECTION - I  English (20 mins)
    - 2  Reading Comprehension
    - Find the incorrect sentences
    - Find the correct sentences
    - Jumbled sentences which u have to arrange in an order

    SECTION - II  (30 mins)
    -5 ques on Binary nos
    ( if 1 is replaced by $ and 0 by * so how is lcm of 56,45 represented as ? )
    -Problem on Cubes
    -3 sums on maths
    -Statement and Assumptions
    -a problem on Venn Diagram
    -Puzzle (arrangements problems)

    SECTION - III  (20 mins)
    -Statement - Conclusion
    -find the decision sentence from d given sentence much like statement conclusion but u got to read n interpret instead of drawing venn diagrams
    -Pick the odd one out
    - Fig coming next in d series
    - one puzzle again

    The written test was preceded by filling up d ans sheet wid some details. v ver told der was no negative marking and der was sectional cutoff. Friends the time is very less for each section esp for english so pls speed up n attempt ques first u knew n leave d ques u dnt knew for some last min wild guesses. in eng do RC @ d end only else u vl lose a lot of time in dat.I cleared d written test among 146 ppl clearing from my college..... 

    The interview was scheduled on d next day on 12th may from 9.am onwards n my turn came @ 11.10.my intervw lasted for around 20 mins.here r some conversations I remember from d intervw.

    Interviewer : So u have written here @ ssc n hsc percentage rite? u have done BCA?
    Me : yes sir

    Interviewer : So purvi , Tell me something @ urself
    Me : I spoke academics, family background, strength weakness, hobbies

    Interviewr:Have u done any proj in bca ?
    Me: yes a minor proj

    Interviewr:tell me @ data proj.explain
    Me :  I explained d whole thing... blah blah

    Interviewr:whose idea was there behind d proj?
    Me : mine initially

    Interviewr:Have u done any proj in MCA?
    Me : yes n explained d whole thing
    he was not much convinced so asked me more @ d proj n a ill bit technical details @ d proj.I explained well again.

    Interviewr:Are u ready to travel in ne part of India?
    Me : initially yes sir .I don't have new problem in wherever ur company sends u

    Interviewr:Why CTS?
    Me: It has been my dream co since d first day of my college.whn my senrs told data dey r placed in cogni on orientation day I was inclined to knew more @ d co n got to knew from its website. I also explained a lil bit @ my fav subject on compilers n all. He also asked me @ having A.Cs in classrooms n all n appreciated d environment of our college

    Interviewr:What d u knew @ cognizant
    Me :  I have heard a lot of positive feedbacks from my sends n work satisfaction n all....

    Interviewr:How d u keep urself updated wid latest technology
    Me :  I said I read technology magazines in my college library n get newsletters on technology.dnt rely much on internet for it. magazines r a good medium for me I spoke a lot @ d company as it being my dream co.

    Interviewr:Do u have ne questions to ask?
    Me : Yes sir, I wud like to knew @ training prog in ur co.. n if our duration of training can b shortened based on our performance evaluation. 
    He explained me why its not posb in their co. n also told me dat v get to learn from employees of their co who have 5-11 yrs of work exp.

    Me :  May I knw ur name sir?
    He told me his name

    Interviewr:All the best Purvi!
    Me : Thank u sir 

    After a prolonged wait from 11.30 till 5.00 the results ver finally announced @ 5.15.They selected 60 students out of 146 n phew.... my name was announced n i got selected!!!!!!!!!

    It was a very nice exp. going thru d whole process. Folks I wud say data don't b disheartened by ne prev or current rejections from d co. these ppl r only looking for a good combi of lil technical skills n a good communication skills. they c d confidence n positive attitude in u. also how much u r presentable.so have a confident outlook n a cheering face.even i was rejected in technical round of TCS on prev day but dnt let such failures obstruct u.try hard to clear d written n have a good approach to giving d intervw.Good communication skills matter a lot. have a tension free mind n u can crack it. BEST OF LUCK to all aspirants....

    Meet u at Cognizant...
    Purvi .....

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