CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   L.D Collage Of Engineering, Ahmedabad-19 Mar 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   L.D Collage Of Engineering, Ahmedabad-19 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi friends!!!! How r u????? Feeling tense due to placement preparation?? I m trying to give u some hint about PI of Cogni and help u to get in. Company has come in our collage at 19th March in evening. On that day first at 4:30 there was .ppt of company. After 1 hour written test started. Agg.60% were with all previous ATKT cleared students were eligiable. Almost 300 students has given written test. From that 112 student were selected 4 PI. It was on next day morning.

    In PI there were 7 panels for interview having 1 or 2 members in each. Mine PI was early at 10:30am. I was very nervous at that time as i was facing any PI first time.

    Me: May I come in sir?
    Int: (With gentle smile) Yes, please come, take ur seat.
    Interviewer was very young with charming personality. After his responce my all fear run away in 1 second.
    Me:Thak u sir.
    Int: Discribe urself..
    Me:(I describe, with my name, family background, school life, achievements) in 2 mins.
    Int: What is ur career objective?
    Me: To b a software project manager.
    Int: What is ur passion?
    Me: To b a famous personality and get the name in Forbes.
    Int:(With smile) So what u r expecting from our company to fulfill ur passion?
    Me:(With little shock and puzzle) As a plateform provider.
    Int: What r ur short term & long term goal?
    Me: (Short term) To get d job in ur company,(Long term) to b stabilized in company and get some good projects through which I can give my
    contribution in development of company.
    Int: What is ur hobbies?
    Me: Described. 

    Then he asked about 25 min only on my different hobbies. He was saisfied with my answers and comfidance during discussion about hobbies. Then he turn to technical.

    Int: Tell me some recent inventions of softwares related to human being.
    Me: (Described about Artificial Intellegence).
    Int: What is difference between C,C++ and Java.
    Me:(I described in two lines just related to OOP) 

    As my interview was very long he stopped there. He offer me to ask questions to him from my side. I catched it and asked some very good questions related to management of company. He was really very impressed from my questions and adviced me to do MBA.

    My interview was lasted for 45 mins and that was really scared 4 me.  In d evening at 6:00 result was declared. There were 41 students selected and I was among them. I was so much exited that I cant xpress it in words.

    SOME ADVICE IN PI: Never make bluff with HR. They r really very intelligent persons. B Honest. Show him just only what u r. B calm during interview. Give answers patiently and wait 4 two second b4 giving ans. Make ur conversation in friendly manner. Ur resume is most important. Write in ur resume all d things very carefully. They will ask all d quastion on ur hobbies and strengths which r written in ur resume. And b cool yaar..............

    Hope we will meet in CTS.    

    Dhvanil Patel  

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