CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Kolkata-01 Dec 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Kolkata-01 Dec 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I am Anisha Basak from Techno India College of Technology, Rajarhat.I am  from 2011 passout batch.

    I gave  CTS aptitude test  on 27th November,11  in there instructed place.Just a week before I got a mail for CTS offcampus  aptitude test for which I had applied in last January.

    Apti Question Pattern

    2 section:  Analytical and Verbal

    In Analytical part there are 25questions

    a.a set of questions on coding and decoding

    b.a set of questions on DI

    c. a set of questions  on figures


    In Verbal part there are 30quetions

    a.a set of questions on sentence correction(check the grammatical mistakes)

    b.2 Paragraph comprehension

    no  negative marking as told by the Invigilators


    After a day I got a mail from Cognizant of warm wishes to crack the apti test and called interview on 2nd December  in their Bantala Branch.

    The interview process was split into  2 process.Technical and HR. They rejected  50%students after technical interview.

    There was a long queue of students, atlast I was called for interview at 6pm.


    Me :Good Evening Sir

    : Take ur seat and give me ur CV

    (Checked the CV thoroughly)

    Before a few days of Interview  we(our 4 team members) were invited in the Delhi Felicitation Program of the TGMC(The Great Mind Challenge of Competition)organized by IBM.as Our team had been selected among  Top 20 Indian teams in that competition. I have mentioned it as one of my Recent Achievements.

    Interviewer then started to shoot me the questions 

    What is TGMC?

    What is the Project u submiited?

    What you have done in the project?

    Telll me to write some of the code snippets of the projects

    What?s the differences  you felt between DB2 and  Oracle?(as I told him that for this project I have used  IBM products)

    Next he came to the final year project.It s based on networking?asked me l the details


    Interviewer:ok now write a servlet where u have to connect  the data base and fetch the required employee details from a table and return the values to a jsp page

    Me: I wrote it confidently

    Interviewer: So u have interest in C? Write a code to open and the file content copy the content to another file

    Me:wrote it

    Interviewer: Write the Algorthim to push an element in a stack.Next  Algorithm to insert an element in a circular linked list

    Interviwer: What is Abstraction and Encapsulation

    Interviwer: What is referential integrity? Give an xample

    Interviewer drew two table and put some data in them ..told me to write the result of the outer joining of those tables

    Interviwer gave me some queries

    Interviwer:So do yoou have any problem to relocate?

    Thank u Sir.

    It  was just a technical interview of 1 hr.I waited for sometimes outside..they  declared the names of selected candidate s..I was selected..after somes they called for hr interview

    Hr Interviwer:tell me about ur self inshort..did u go through TCS then why CTS?

    Me:told him honestly and impressed

    Hr Interviwer: OK best of Luck .Within a few days u will get ur result.Check ur mails?

    I came out from the room at 7:30pm giving 5min hr interview.Waited for 7days.and  got the selection cum offer letter


    Be confident .be careful before u put ur subjects of Interest  in CV as Interviwers always check those and may throw basic question from.be honest  don?t tryto  play tricks on HR people.Best of Luck





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