CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   IEM ,Kolkata.-09 Apr 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   IEM ,Kolkata.-09 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012




    Cognizant Came to my college(Institute of engineering and Management,kolkata) 10 april for ON campuss . total 112 students appeard for the apti - 104 cleared .apti was according to the format but the english was lengthy ,the sentence arrangement took too much time to solve and almost no students(including me) could even touch RC , I answered all "C".Verbal and Non-verbal was very easy .Only problem is the time constraints, so a little bit of practicing before exams help.

    After that it was HR+Tech ..


    Me - Good afternoon sir,

    Hr - good afternoon, please sit.

    Me - Thank you, sir.

    Hr - so Chiranjib, tell me why do you want to join cognizant?

    Me ? high growth rate, work environment ? bla bla bla ..

    Hr ? so your hobbey is listening to music, what kind of music do you listen to ?

           (I gave Music, Movies, Football, Computer Games, blogging and image editing/wallpaper designing as my hobby, so what ever you give as hobby, get a decent knowledge about that subject.)

    Me ? mostly Rock and Metal. I am a big Pink Floyd fan.

    Hr ? what other bands you listen to other than pink Floyd ??

    Me ? sir,I also like bob Dylan and The Beatles .Nowadays I am also into death metal, I love Obituary etc .

    Hr ? ok, what is you favorite Pink Floyd song?

    Me ? (after a few second of pause as if I am trying to find which is my favorite pink Floyd song among hundreds of songs by them :P )Comfortably Numb.

    Hr ? hmmm, so you watch movies too, what kind of movies ??

    Me ? mainly European movies , I don?t like masala bolywood movies. movies like city of God , y tu mama tambien etc ?

    Hr ? you have seen city of God ( very impressed , at that time I was almost sure that I have done it ;)) .

    Me ? yes sir. infact I have seen CDD 3 times .. it?s a revolutionary movie .

    After this it was more of a discussion on European and Mexican and Brazilian movies. I am a movie geek so no problem for me .. Again as I said get some good knowledge about your hobbies.

    Hr ? do you play football ?

    Me ? yes sir, I play for my class football team in college, though due to projects and lab woks don?t get time to practice too often .

    Hr ? favorite team, favorite footballer ?

    Me ? Arsenal, henry and fabregas.

    (I gave over-enthusiasm as my ?ve point)

    Hr ? why do you think over enthusiasm is a ?ve aspect for you??

    Me ? said from a personal experience, how I once suffered for too much enthusiasm.

    Hr - ok , so do you have any problem with relocation ??

    Me ? no sir ? and show some reasons why it wont be any problem.

    Hr ? ok, do you have any question?

    Me ?(sadly I forgot to prepare for any question to ask :P ) after a bit stammering ( acted as if I have too many question to ask :P ) what re we taught during that 2 months of training.

    Hr ? answered .(please pay attention to what ever he/she says, and ask 1 or 2 question according to his answer to the first question, this will impress him/her very much as if you really want to join cognizant at any cost.)

    Atyer 2-3 questions?

    Hr ? ok thank you .

    Me ?thank you sir.


    So this is it.The interview barely lasted for 10 mintues. not a single tech question was asked to me . but some of my friend were interviewed for 30-40 mintues and those were completely tech interview question.


    After about an hour the results were announced and i was selected

    Apti ? 112 ? 104.Hr/Tech ? 103 -50.

    That?s about it . remember to be cool , be a bit funny and show real interest in joining the company ,best Of Luck to you all ..



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