CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Govt. Engg. College,Jalpaiguri-09 Mar 2008

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Govt. Engg. College,Jalpaiguri-09 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, I am Souvik a 3rd yr ECE student from Jalpaiguri govt. Engg college.We have cognizant in our college on 10th march.
    First, there was a pre placement talk, given by the officials of cognizant. Then there was an aptitude test of 70 marks.
    tere was three sections and there was no negative marking. after the result of aptitude test was announced ,the interview started.

    I had to face the following questions:
    int: how was ur apti??
    int:tell me abt urself??
    int:what was ur JEE rank?
    int:who is ur fev poet?
    int:what is ur family back ground?
    int:what is ur fev sub?
    int:what is multiplexer?
    int:how multiplexer is used in communication?
    int:what is avalanche breakdown & zener breakdown?
    int:how does op-amp works??
    int:write a simple c-program.
    int:what is 'stdio.h'?
    int:what is 'conio.h'?
    int:why cognizant?
    int:what do u want to see urself after 5 yrs in cognizant?
    int:who is ur fev sports person & why?
    int:to u ,who is a leader?
    int:If, in a morning u will find rs:1 core in ur account ,what will u do?
    (then he give his own introduction)
    int:how many employees r there in cts?
    int:have u got ant ques?
    I asked-
    1.why cts is not enlisted in Indian stock exchange?
    2.what is the key to be sucessful in IT-industry??
    3.How was my interview?

    the interviewer answered all the questions and asked me to wait for the result. the interviewer was very cool person.
    there was 236 students who cleared the apti.the final selection was 131.Thanx God I was one of them.
    Just be smart,cool, relaxed,confident but focused and conscious.dont get nervous at any situation.
    All the best to all of u.

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