CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   COIMBATORE -9 Apr 2006

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   COIMBATORE -9 Apr 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



      Hai ,  I am sreenivasan 

    Let me tell u abt the Tech and HR.
    mine was the first batch at 9.00am on 9th april. i was there by 7.45 am, time management is very important coz they set aside all the people wjo came late, may be they gave chance at last. there were all together 4 batches 9.00, 10.00, 11.00 and 1.00.
    they started calling people(330 total) at 9.15 am. A lady came and anounced that there is TECH and HR rounds and if we feel that u have done enough in Tech the person in the panel will say u directly to check ur results and in case if we feel that we need to take u to HR then u will be sent to HR.
    the condition here is if u dont go for HR that means u dont find ur name in the results, TECH round was also elimination round, and HR was selection round. there were all together 21 panels 18 TECH and 3 HR. nobody knows that u do have HR panels until u clear TECH.
    The candidates who cleared TECH were taken to a seperate place to sit and then sent for HR only 66 were selected out of 330. i am one of them.
    mine was panel 11. There was only one person his site makes u feel comfortable and says that he is very friendly and has a lot of experience in IT sector.
    ME: Good morning sir and i gave him a firm handshake. 
    TECH: Sreenivasan feeling Nervous,
    ME: NO sir
    TECH: ok srenivasan tell abt ur self
    ME: i told him abt me and said that i am very mch comfortable with programming and presently working as a part time faculty for C and core java(its true i am still working from last feb 2005). i could see his eyes he was intrested in me.
    TECH: why should i hire u, i mean how u r different from others
    ME: i told all my positive strengths
    TECH: He gave me 10 elements and asked me to search an element using binary search.
    ME: i was waiting for C based questions and answere him very clearly. and said we can use recrusion for best performance.(he asked me then i said that)
    TECH: what datastructure does recrusion use.
    ME: i could not get him, he helped me with some examples i said STACK, before it gores for the call, it would push tha status into a stack sir,
    TECH: ok tell me the output of this
    printf("the value of i=%d",i);
    ME: infinite loop sir, coz as i is assigned a value 10 that statement would be true so it would never beak coaz its always true. he said ok
    TECH: ok srinivasan give me ur certificates he asked me semister wise marks sheets( and they r perticular that the catdidate should have no more that 2 arriers)
    I gave him
    now my intreivew started he check all my semister wise marks and asked me questions from the subjects in which i got less marks and in which i got more marks, he covered max all subjects
    he gave me a logical gates circuit and gave some inputs and asked the output
    asked abt types of accounts(i have management subject also)
    i said i dont remember, he said u scored good marks then y dont u answer ? i just smiled.
    he aksed software engg diff btw black boz abt white box testing.
    i dint say.
    he asked me the diffrence btwn DBMS and RDBMS.
    i told him
    that's all
    he asked me that's all srini(he canged my name to short) do u have any questions
    i aked him 2 questions and he said me to wait outside.
    the voilenter went in and took me to a place where all tech round clered were sitting, i was very HAPPY, there wr around 15 with me,they they took me to HR after 20 min's.
    the HR was very cool and was asking me whether i will be willing to relocate anywhere. i said that i am a global man and i am ready to go anywhere. initially he was not intrested in me he took my certificates and checked them many times, i was a bit nervous coz mostly he was keeping calm almost for abt 10 min i was just sitting numb, i between telling him abt the university and semisters i have got(we have 1 year and 7 semisters)
    he asked abt my family and abt my life's aim 
    i told him and said that i am working as a faculty, he asked me wethere u handle practles also , i said yes he was a bit intrested and asked me that will u be willing to work at KOLKOTTA then i said i feel to be at Cognizant is my first stable step to acheive my dream so i am ready to go any where.
    he was happy and said if u get selected and if ur posting is at coimbatore u will have to work in shifts i said no problem, He was happy and forwarded his hand and aked me to check my results on 12 tha april at 8.00pm  i said thank u sir with a big smile and i was confident that i have cracked CTS but after that failure in HR at satyam i was a bit nervous
    BUT now i have really very happy.  
    friends remember one thing be what u r and always have a smile on ur face and believe in urself and offcourse almighty.
    i have been through a very tough period, i know many r still in the same, i have read all the success stories and thought when will i get through, when will i get a chance to show my talent,
    Believe me each and everyone of us has a day, may be this is mine but tomarrow is definetly urs.
    hope for the best. if u lost a good company feel that the BEST is on ur way, i always thought and i am with the best.
     I need to tell u one more thing i have attanded all most all MNC's i have attended infy on sep 11th my wickets wer also down and many like that...... so , just want to say that failures are definetly stepping stones for seccuss. a very big success.
    i pray that everybody will be well settled and my country will be proud of its it resources. my aim is to set up a s/w firm atleast in my 40's. i need all ur support and prayes.
    GOD always answers payers so wait and aim for the best u will land atleast with good, pz dont stop ur skill to be used for a call center or tech support. be a leader and try to set ur path to success and everything shell be with u
    hope this mail will help alteast one.
    with lots of love and regards

    (Paper Submitted By : Sreenivasan, Hyderabad)

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