CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   CBIT, HYDERABAD ,AP-18 Dec 2009

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   CBIT, HYDERABAD ,AP-18 Dec 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi friends... I 'm Sahitya from CBIT... i' m in my final year in ECE stream.... we had cts plcement on 18th(apti) nd 19th(interview).. very happy to be placed... just wanted to share my experience
    Before the written test.. u ll have to answer few ques in the answr sheet ..be prepared

    1. Software orientation
    2. Hobbies,extra ciricular activities
    3. Strengths and weakness
    4. Expectations frm cts
    5. Long term nd shrt term goals in cts
    6. Qualities req for a software professional to be succesful
    7. And all ur %  mks frm 10th

    Aptitude was the same pattern previously mentioned in other papers..
    70 ques..70min .. time managment is imp...
    3 sections... VERBAL(25Q), ANALYTICAL(25Q), LOGICAL REASONING(20Q)
    it was an easy paper... 332 cleared(not sure how many attended.. approximately 700 i guess)
    finally 197 got selected in the interview...

    on 19th I had my interview at 9.45AM.. 1st slot... i was the1st member in my panel... my hr was very cool and  a lovely person..:-)
    HR: Gdmrng sahitya..i m miss xxx... nice to meet u
    Me: Very gdmrng maam...
    Hr : Be seated
    Me: Thnk u maam
    Hr: So , tell me about ur self(expected ques)
    Me: Started.. i m so n so............ aftr smetime i started  feelin vry nervous cudnt continue..  so i told maam i m gettin tensed
    Hr: (she was vry gud...) told me noting to get tensed...be cool,,offrd me water...
    Me: Had some water..thnk u maam...   ( i ws feelin much bttr...)do u want me to repeat it again?
    Hr: No no..i got ur point... tell me ur fav subject
    Me: Microprocessors,c,c++
    Hr: Diff btw call by value nd call by reference
    Me: Told..
    Hr: Gud
    Hr: Bubble sort code
    Me: Wrote and xplained
    Hr: Great..nice
    Me; Smiled
    Hr: Wat is optical fibre?
    Me: Told
    Hr: Wat is coaxial cable?
    Me: Wold
    Hr: Gud.. wat are microwaves nd its applications?
    Me: Told
    Hr: Can u tell nythng about telemetry(coz i mentioned it as an app of microwaves)
    Me: Sorry maam..no idea.smiling
    Hr:  Tats ok.. not a prb..
    Hr:  Hw does a cell phone work?
    Me: Told..
    Hr: Impressed
    Hr:  Wat is cdma?
    Me: Told
    Hr:  Gud
    Hr: What is ur 4-2 project?
    Me: Told the title
    Hr: Can u xplain me.. i dont know wat it is
    Me: Explained the basic cncpt as we still didnt start our prjrct
    Hr: What is the duration of ur prject?
    Me: told..45 dys
    Hr:  R u flexible to wrk in ny part of india
    Me: Smiling..yes maam.. i m flexible, i can manage...
    Hr: Wats ur native?
    Me:  Told
    Hr: Your folks stay der?
    Me: Told
    Hr: ok.. nice talking to u
    Me: Thnk u maam (smiling.)

    i was not confident abt geting selected becoz i got tensed in the beginning... bt later i answred all ques confidently
    tat really helped me to get through
    final results were announced at 5.30pm...
    i was selected.... :)
    some of my frnds had nly hr ,sme had hr+tech. so wat ever it is  u should be prepared... ... d ur best..be confident and be clear in wat u speak
    dont be seroius..keep smiling ... luck also mattrs......!!! be cool ..prepare well...

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