CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   B.P.Poddar Institute Of Mgmt & Techn, Kolkata-13 Jan 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   B.P.Poddar Institute Of Mgmt & Techn, Kolkata-13 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Reasoning / Analytical: 30 Minutes, 30 Questions
    Verbal English:  25 Minutes, 25 Questions


    1. Figure
    2. Syllogism
    3. Logic(unless u....,only if....)
    4. Data interpretation
    5. 3x3 matrix with some condition-like a puzzle
    6. Coding-decoding

    Verbal English:
    1. Reading comprehension-2 paragraphs
    2. Rearrangement of jumbled sentences in  paragraph
    3. Which one is most gramatically correct from a set of sentences
    4. Other 5 questions-I couldn't remember

    Actually there was 1 interview including both technical & HR

    Technical Interview:
    Me: may I come in sir?
    Sir: Yes, please take your seat
    Me: Thanks
    Sir: What's your favorite subject?
    Me: Java
    Sir: Why is Java so important?
    Me: Told its features
    Sir: What's the difference of Java with other object orientd language?
    Me: Told
    Sir: What is DBMS?
    Me: Told
    Sir: What's Relation in RDBMS?
    Me: Told
    Sir: What's Normalization & func.dependency?
    Me: Explained
    Sir: What's 2NF and 3NF?
    Me: Explained with examples
    Sir: Give sum real example (i.e attributes like emp_name etc.)
    Me: Gave
    Sir: What's your final year project?
    Me: Told
    Sir: How are you storing data?
    Me: Told
    Sir: Tell me its features
    Me: Told
    HR Interview:

    Sir: Tell me about yourself?
    Me: Told
    Sir: What's your body weight?
    Me: Told
    Sir: How long will you take to complete 100 m race?
    Me: Told
    Sir: How will you manage 3-4 hours of journey to/from Bantala, kolkata (CTS' new campus in Kolkata) 
    Me: Told bt he was not satisfied
    Sir: Asked again the same question
    Me: Told that in that case I have to shift to a place nearer to Bantala 
    Sir: Ok, that's a better alternative
    Sir: Nice to meet you & a warm hand-shake with me.
    Appeared in Aptitude: 358
    Cleared Aptitude: 251
    Finally selected: 179
    1. Prepare 1/2 subjects very well
    2. Follow R.S Aggarwal's Verbal-Nonverbal reasoning, Objective General English
    3. Follow company's aptitude questions from various sites
    4. In interview never try to be over-smart  or very straight-forward
    Best of luck!

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