CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   BPPIMT, Kolkata-13 Jan 2011

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   BPPIMT, Kolkata-13 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,
    I am Dips. I am From B.P.Poddar Institute Of Management & Technology.  Cognizant came in our College in On Campuss on 13th Jan,2011.
    They First presented the ppt where they show us why we have to join in this company and how it became the fastest growing company. Listen very carefully because it will help you while filling the form or in interview.

    Aftre ppt there was a general apptitute test. It contains two part:

    1) Nonverbal:30 marks in 30 mintues

    2) Verbal:25 marks in 25 mintues.

    Nonverbal part: This part is moderate. It contains questions on different parts.
    1) Coding-decoding (5)-very easy
    2) Pictures (6)-very easy
    3) Data Sufficiency- (5)-little bit tricky
    4) Data Interpretation-(5)-pie chart for this you have to practice from R.S. Aggarwal Quantitative part
    5) Logic(5)
    All X is Y this type of question easy.
    6) Arithmetic reasoning easy(4)
    Verbal Part: This part is really tough.
    1) Two big unseen passage and you have to answer 5 questions from each passage.
    My advice is not to study the entire passage at once as it takes huge time and practice previous years Cognizant questions as we get a common passage

    2) Find out incorrect ones

    3) Find out correct ones

    4) Which one grammatically most correct.


    Among 360 students 251 were selected for interview my interview starts like that:

    Me: May I coming sir
    Sir: Yes
    Then he shake hand with me and told me to seat.
    Sir: So tell me about yourself, your family, your schooling, your hobbies, your strength, your project
    Me: I told everything
    Sir: What is your weakness?
    Me: My weakness is that I never leave any work undone.
    Sir: Is it really a weakness?
    Me: Sometimes it becomes weakness. For an example that if I am watching movies and tomorrow is my exam, still I can not leave the movie until it ends and inspite of my mom?s screaming.
    Sir laughed
    Sir: So isn?t a problem for you to travel a lot to come and work here?
    Me: No sir. It is not a problem at all for me.
    Then he goes to the technical part
    Sir: What is your favourite Subject?
    Me: Datastructure;
    Sir: Tell me about your project?
    Me: Told
    Sir: How to connect your Java programme with Database?
    Me: Told
    Then he gave a C programme which is little bit tricky but some how I managed.
    Sir: Ok, nice to meet you
    Me: Thank you Sir.
    On 15th Janunary our result was announced. 179 were selected out of 360. I am one of them.
    Thank you Cognizant.

    Tips for Interview:

    1) Be confidenct
    2) Be decent
    3) Be honest
    4) Always use Cognizant instead of CTS
    Best of Luck Guys!

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