CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Andhrauniversity College Of Engineering,vizag-13 Jul 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Andhrauniversity College Of Engineering,vizag-13 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012

                                Hi frens I?m sivalingaraju barisetty from Andhra  university college of engg.visakhapatnam (Metallurgical engg. branch).. cts came to our clg on 14th june for pre placement talk the recruitment process /date of test was on july 14th...the selection process of cts contains 2 stages

    1. Written test

    2. Interview


    1. Written test

    The pattern for written was same ..3 section
    a. Verbal (it was little difficult  ...dont worry cutt off wil be very low ) - 25 quest 20 min
      -- unseen passage (2)
      -- sentence correction(5)
      --correct sentence(5)(was unable to judge which is wrong or right)
      -- jumbled sentence(5)

    b. Aptitude
    --one cube question like 27 small cube joined 2gther and one row from left is removed and initially painted in green and after removal painted black
    so find the no of 0,1,2,3 painted difference b/w black and green etc(not exact )
    -- other problems (some irrelevant data will also be given ignore and solve)
     -- binary problem simple one
    over all paper was ok.. try few question from verbal and non verbal Rs. aggarwal just to hav a feel nothing more .. chance of same question are  very less

    c. Non verbal (most easy and scoring)
    few small -2 question like odd one out , next fig, 1 puzzle etc ..very easy (level is low as compared to Rs. aggarwal)

    after written we had interview on same day afternoon .. its all depend on ur panel and luck.. 10 panel came to our clg .. each panel consist of 1 member ..
    some panel simply ask simple hr question and some causal talk and 2-3 small definition but i got the panel which asked me more hr questions than technical



    2. Interview




                    the interview process consists of two stages first one is technical .in this they some basic questions from c language, about ur favorite subject, paper presentations and questions like how do u use ur knowledge of ur subjects to our company .u should be thorough in at least one of ur subjects, say confidently whatever it may be, read basics of c language n small programs like palindrome etc thoroughly.


                Regarding HR this is simple but main eliminating process. Read the company profile before going to interview listen ppt properly this is very important most of d questions are frm ppt only proper listening of ppt shows ur interest on company

    Be confident ,maintain a little smile on ur face n  if u have positive attitude it is very easy for u.for us tech. n hr by d same person at a time .he is so cool n cooperative .try to listen him properly receive his views in a positive way u vl be succeeded easily

    I?l give some of my interview questions to u?????????????..



    1. Intr?r:hi mr.sivalingaraju (gave shake hand)!

    Me:hello sir good evening n welcome to Andhra university collge of engg.

    2 Thanku ,can u tell me some thing abt Andhra university?

    Ans: I told from the time of establishment (1926) to NBA grading A , in a simple way

    3.k very good express ur self?

    4.tell me about ur  family background?

    5.what is ur fav subject in ur course?

    A:iron  making (askd some basic questios of iron ,steel,some other metals n their properties)

    6.why there is a decrease in % of marks in engg.?

    A:I said due to increase in d level of examination standards n increase in syllabus  more over I have concentrated on some extra curricular activities like organizing seminars ,paper presentations at national level seminars  ,blood donation camps as Ncc cadet along  with regular studies but have  maintained a good percentage (70%)

    7.Tell me some thin about NCC ?(I mentioned in resume)

    8. Asked about paper presentations?

    9. Some basic questins on  c language

    10.Can I see ur file?

    A:Sure sir

    11.Do u have any backlogs?

    A: No

    12can u tell me some objects here made from d principles of ur metallurgy?

    A:I said the filament in d bulbs n mild steel rods for construction and wings of a fan

    13. Why do u prefer software field?

    A:I said fast growth, chances for going abroad ,continuous learning and developing, no  pollution envt . (gve good reasons to justify ur self)

    14. Do u have any offer letter from previous companies?

    A:I said no  

    15.why ?

    A:in first I didn?t get through written, and another in interview

    16.k .this time u worked hard  right?

    A:yes sir.

    17.Can u tell one thing which is not mentioned in ur resume ?

    A:yes sir ,my height is 175 cm(he made a smile)

    18.why should I select u?

    A:well, I hav good communication,verbal n nonverbal skills ,positive attitude,sinciarity in work and good knowledge in my subjects I think these r sufficient ????..


    19.why cts why not infosys ?

    A:I told some positive points /benefits of cts like fastest growing company, no bond 4 working ,n my cousin working in cts(banglore) told me  that dis is very nice plat form for freshers to grow ,several facilities 4 empoyees,gifts, .bonuss, opportunity to go 4 abroad  n especially friendly atmosphere between management and employees like that.


    20.how do u know about cts?

    A:Actually my brothr is workg in cts n I was impressed by ur   ppt and one thing I can say that cognizant is my dream company


    21.tell about ppt?

      This ppt is quite different from others i.e. they conducted quiz n gave prizes I got one t shirt 4 right answer sir and they are so interactive with us .( actually there is one month gap between ppt and recruitment for us due to postpone )


    22When &What?s the duration of ppt?

    A: june 14th ,1 hr(10 to 11 am ) the ppt was done before one month of test


    23.can u tell any 4 positive points that make cts different from others?

    A: 1.This is d only company that have no bond for working (he laughed)

        2. Fastest growing it company

        3. recent rankings etc

        4. Main Sponcer for several events like job fairs, cricket matches, technical events in universities like TECHNOZION in NIT-W.(I have participated)

        5. Encourages employees by giving gifts like I pods, bonuses for festivals etc



    24. can u tell  more than these?

    A: No sir I didn?t remembered


    25. Well Mr. Raju try to improve ur observation skills k?

    A: sure sir


    26.k sivalingaraju all d best 4 ur future!

    A: Thank you sir, thanku very much.


                                        Finally they select  5 from 20 in our branch and 85 from 200(frm all branches.). I am very proud to say that im one of them ,more over im  d cognizantIan  .  This is a great privilege to share my feelings with u on this happy moment .I?ll be thankful to freshersworld  for helping me so much for my placement .All d best to all hope v meet at COGNIZANT bi??????????????   







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