CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -31 Oct 2007

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -31 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi  I ve attempted CTS written on Nov 01st It consists of 3 sections. It was conducted by third party...

    3 sections 70 qs - 70 mins

    1) Aptitude section 25q
        1)Logical Reasoning
        2)Puzzle test
        4)Data Sufficiency
        5)Some other...

    2)Vocabulary Section 25Q
        3)Two big passages

    3)Attention to details
        1)Problems on Identification
        2)problems on symbols
        3)Two qns(we ve to bring out the conclusions using given conditions)

    R.S.Agarwal Reasoning is more than enough... 103 fellows were selected for interview from 300. I was the second one for that panel.

    HR people r very cooperative... I entered the room. HR gave me shake hand n offered seat
    HR has taken my resume.
    HR : h z the test today ?
    me : i explained
    HR : z it very easy ?
    me : i explained
    HR : Tell me abt ur ambition ...
    me : i explained ... i wanna become s/w prof.
    HR : y r u changing ur field (i am a mathematics std ...)
    me : i explained
    HR : Y cant u become scientist ?
    me : i explained ... i convinced him ..
    HR : Tell me ur achievement so far ...
    me : i explained ... i am the toppe of my batch..
    HR : h did u prepare for the test ?
    me : i explained our team work ...
    HR : wt r qualities of a Team leader ?
    me : i explained
    HR : wt r the qualities of a Team player ?
    me : i explained
    HR : wt abt ur hobbies ?
    me : cooking n playing chess
    HR : Asked abt cooking (n joked)
    me : answered him ...
    HR : R u sincere ?
    me : answered with courage n confidence n with nice reasoning ...
    HR : give me some situations which show ur sincerity ..
    me : i explained
    HR : what is os ?
    me : i explained
    HR : which one did u like most (among os) ?
    me : i answered
    HR : can i ask u some qns regarding DBMS ? (as i studied in my graduation)
    me : ya ... ( He didnt ask ...!!!)
    HR : do u know cpp ?
    me : yes ...
    HR : in which one u r very much strong  among C/C++/VC++)
    me : i amswered ... CPP
    HR : r u ready to relocate ?
    me : yes ...
    HR : if ur parents r life partner doesnt accept then ?
    me : i convinced
    HR : if ur life partner doesnt agree with u to relocate ... !
    me : i convinced him ...
    HR gave me shake hand n told ....... "U ve did it well". Finally I was selected in CTS.

    Actually i ve appeared for TCS n Infosys... I failed in those tests... do u know the reason y i failed in the earlier tests ...  bcz CTS z waiting for me (!!!else other company ...!!!) So be confident n Keep Working hard.

    Confidence plays important role in CTS interview...

    u R the best teacher 4 urself (if u fail in some written test... go to ur room n just look at u ... u ll find some thing to improve... make some changes... thats it... u ll be the winner )


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