CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -1 Jan 1900

CTS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -1 Jan 1900

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    7 Jan, 2012




    hiii... friendssss..


    I am kavitha?.i am very glad to say tht I got placed in CTS? with god?s grace?after a  struggle of 6 months?

    This  is my 4 th  company in 6 months?

    I am subscribing my whole interview here?

    It lasts for 30 to 40 min?(only my interview) reming all  are 10 to 15 min..only.. so don?t worry..they wont extend..



    This  is my CTS interview?..


    hr:  tell me sth abt  ur self?

    hr:  explain abt ur btech project?

    hr:  what is a  webserver?

    hr:  what is HTTP protocol? and how i t works?

    hr:  what is IP address?

    hr:  whats is tcp/ip ?

    hr:  what s  ur hobbies?

    me: surfing the net  and making new friends...

    hr:  what  do u search generally?

    me: blog searching...

    hr:  what type of blogs do u serach?

    me: sir, i search not only IT blogs...but  also i search for another areas...

          i hav explained one student blog ...in which he has mentioned his project work...

    hr:  ok..fine!

    hr:  i think organising the functions  is one of ur hobbies?

    me: yes....  sir....i hav organised many functions in my college days...

    hr:  how do U organise  a functuon? and whats  ur role ?

    me: blah...blah.....

    hr:  if u hav  an issue among  the organinsing team then how do u handle such type of isuues? generally what approach u follow?

    me: blah..blah....

    hr:  Suppose if ur working in a team  and some of guys r not working properly......but u need to complete the project.... how do u manage such type of situations?    

    me: I ll encourage ..those guys to work for their individual growth as well as companies growth...

    hr:  r u selfish?

    me: no sir...i ll not be selfish...and i help  them defenetly,if  i hav knowledge in tht area...

    hr:  R U a hardworking gal or intelligent gal?

    me: i am 50% hardworking and also 50% intelligent.

          Sir,hardwork will  alone not sufficient  as  well as intelligence will not  alone suficient to became a succesfull person.So I done        both throught my academics.......blah..blah..

    hr:  How  can a person called as a INTELLIGENT? How one can improve their INTELLIGANCE?

    me: Sir,its totally depends on individual intrest .If one hav intrest in some field ..he ill defenetly try to collect more inormation in tht          perticular feild and always try to learn new and innovative things .....

          This develops the intelligence......( i think he has impressed with this answer...)

    hr:  U hav mentioned tht u guide the people around u in a right direction ....so how do u guide? Can U explain it?

    me: I hav explained tht with an example ....

    hr:  How do u convince others?

    me: blah....blah..

    hr:  Whst ur achivements?

    me: blah..blah...

    hr:  What do u expect from CTS?

    me: i hav repeated the same  thing what ever i hav written on the day of  written test.( we shuld justify what ever we hav written on tht day..... this decieds u r HR interveiw...)

    hr:  How can U say tht  U r flexible?

    me: sir..I can work in any of u r branches through out india . tht proves my flexibility.......He gave  a smile.....for my answer..

    hr:  If  I am going to select U ... then can U say whats ur strongest point ..? and wht quality is going to help u in getting the job?

    me: Sir....my academic background is sooo good .... obviously this is my stongest point...( he wants the same answer from my side..and he has decied to select me on tht basis...thts y i hav told like tht..)

    hr:  yaa thts ...true..kavitha..

    hr:  Do u follow Curent affirs?

    me: yes sir i follow...

    hr:  ok tell me some  burning topic?

    me: i gave a covering answer to   my mistake....( my mistake is - actually i dint read any news paper since last 3 months....so I dont know even a single current topic...... so be frank while giving the answers...okkkkk)

    hr:  ok..How do u manage U  r time?

    me: Sir most of my time goes for my studies....and rest  of time i spent with my  freinds and parents....

           But preference goes to  my studies....

    hr:  what subject u hav in ur BTECH..?

    me: i hav edc and micro processor..etc etc...

    hr:  what is a micro processor?how it works internally?

    me: I hav explained abt address bus and data bus....(but i dont hav grip on this subject.....and he is observing our confidance level not the depth in subject)

    hr:  ok What is the latest micro processor?

    me: mmmm....I remined calm ....(bcoz idont know...)

    hr:  whats the diffenece b/w C and CPP and java?

    hr:  whats  is malloc and calloc?

    hr:  how do u allocate memory in c and CPP?

    me: in C using -malloc and calloc

          in CPP we allocate meeory using New operator..

    hr:  How do u allocate memory in JAVA?

    me: by craeting an OBJECT to tht perticular class...

    hr:  whats difference betweeen process and thread?

    me: Process can be intitialised autimatically bt where as threads cant be initialized           automatically.....

    hr:  How can U initialize the Thread?

    me: Sir ..i  know only basics of java...as i am from ECE background...

    hr:  ok then leve it...whats the diffrenece b/w VECTOR and arrayLIST?

    me: I dint answer to this Question also....

    hr:  Do u know any one CTS?

    me: Yes  sir.....my brother's friend  is working in CTS....

    hr:  generally students do last day study(one day bating) during their BTECH...right?

    me: yes sir...

    hr : so what abt U. ..?

    me: sir....i ill not belong to tht group sir...

          i ll learn concepts through out semister and at the time of exams i ll apply those concepts in exams.....( but .....ofcourse i too do     one day batings... bt i hav given a big   cutting brfore HR...)

    hr:  write a c program  to Swap  2 munbers with out using temp variable?

    Me: I hav written?



    Thts all my interview?.

    It was  soooo cooool??..just they  r checking our confidance level?

    So give  answers with 100% confidance whether its right  or wrong?okkkk

    One more suggestion- be prepared with what ever u hav written on written test day?

    Tht may be hobbies  or extracurricular activities.. or software exposure?ok..and u hav to justify each and every thing with an example?

    And also prepare company profile very well?tht becomes  u r +ve point?

    Ok I wish u ALL THE BEST for  ur color full future?.



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