CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   STCET,Kolkata-18 Feb 2008

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   STCET,Kolkata-18 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    HI FRIENDS................................ Its indrani from STCET (Kolkata). I?m from IT.
    Total no. of students: 240.
    No. of students cleared the apti: 195.
    No. of students cleared the hr + technical intevw: 110.

    Our reporting time was at 8:30 am. The ppt started at 9:30 am. It continued till 11:00 am (approx). After that apti. It was started around 11:30 am. First we were given a form. We have to fill it up properly within 15 mins. It consists of some personal profiles, educational details and some hr questions like ?ur expectations from cognizant?, ?sort-term &long-term goals with cognizant? etc.

    After that we were given the first section of the aptitude paper. It was the analytical reasoning part. There were 25 quests within 30 mins. The quests were so so easy. Mainly venn diagram, coding decoding with symbols like $,* etc, cubes. But the cube problem was quite uncommon. It was to some extent hard. I couldn?t able to answer it properly. There were no negative marks. So I did so many guess works.

    Next section was English. There were 20 quests within 20 mins. Among them there were 2 reading comprehension passages, 5/6 jumbled up sentences & rests are correct-incorrect sentences. As the time limit was short I couldn?t able to read all quests properly. But didn?t leave anyone bcoz there were no ?ve marks.

    Last section was verbal & non-verbal reasoning. There were 20 quests within 25 mins. This part was quite easy. There were some analogies, odd man out, some pictures etc. this part was quite easy. The exam ended at 12:45 pm. 
    The result was declared at 2:30 pm. My interview was at 2:45-3:45 time slot. I was in 14th panel & I was the 4th person of that panel.
    My panel was the slowest panel among all those 19 panels. For this reason it was divided later on (after 7th person). The hr took average 45 mins for each person.  Though I was in 2:45-3:45 time slot my interview started at 4:15 pm approx. My interview lasts for approx 45/46 mins.

    My interview was a mixture of hr & technical quests.
    Me: good afternoon sir.
    Hr: good afternoon. Please sit.
    Me: thank u sir.
    Hr: so???.. U r indrani, right!
    Me: yes sir. (Now he go through the form thoroughly).
    Hr: well?. tell me something about urself apart from ur academics, ur family & whatever in this form.
    Me: (answered). I mainly highlighted my strong points, my hobbies & extra Curricular activities.
    Then he made some cross questions from my answers. Like- I told that painting is my hobby & I mainly like the Jamini Roy?s type. And I also told that somehow I want to differentiate myself from others. So he said that ?well u said that u want to differentiate urself from others & ur also saying that u follow the Jamini Roy?s type. So u are not differentiating urself.?  (Answered). Then he made some technical questions. Like??.
    Hr: what are Ur favourite subjects of current sem?
    Me: multimedia. But I?ve not so much knowledge about it.
    Hr: what are the main portions of this subject?
    Me: (answered).
    Then he asked some basic quests from multimedia. (Answered). Then he said ?what are the subjects u are comfortable with?? I said c language, data structure & java. Then he said ?what are topics of data structure u are confident with?? I said link lists, trees, stacks, queues. Then he asked some fundamental quests from these areas like main principles of stack & queue, applications of these two from real world etc. then he asked some questions from different operators of c. After that he told me to choose one branch from the cognizant offices. I said that ?I have no choice. I am ready to work in any branch of cognizant.?
    Hr: no? no??. I?m giving u 5 options. U have to choose 1.
    Me: that?s ok but I?ve no such preferences at all. So I don?t want to choose any 1.
    Hr: don?t worry! This will remain confidential. & this will not affect ur  recruitment process at all.
    Me: no sir, though I don?t want to choose any 1. bcoz all are same to me. I?m ready to work in any branch of ur company.
    Hr: sometimes one may have a preference to work in say? Bangalore, bcoz the city is technically well developed, and he want to keep Touch      with new technologies. Where as kolkata is not so much Developed and from the technical point of view it is sooooooooo poor..So do u have such type of preferences?
    Me: 1st of all I don?t think that kolkata is a very poor city from technical point of view. It is a developing city. It is developing in small steps?, but it is now developing day by day. So here are a lot of opportunities. And the 2nd thing is, I don?t have such type of   preferences I?m ready to work at any corner of the world for ur company. Bcoz I think that I will be able to know the new  technologies from any corner of the world.
    Hr: ok indrani?? suppose ur in a quiz competition. U have to choose one topic apart from ur IT field, ur paintings. What will u choose? The options are bollywood, sports, politics, history, geography.
    Me: bollywood. But I?ve not so much knowledge from it. But it is the most comfortable topic to me among the options.
    Hr: do u have any interest from sports?
    Me: yes sir. I like cricket. But again my knowledge is not so much good.
    Hr: then what u do during ur recess?
    Me: painting.
    Hr: do u have any interest about the latest technologies? Do u read the technical magazines, articles?
    Me: yes sir. I read sometimes, but not regularly.
    Hr: why?..... u don?t fell any interests??.. or you don?t get that much time to read it.
    Me: no sir. I?ve interests. But I don?t get that much time regularly.
    Hr: why?
    Me: our wbut syllabus is too much compact. That?s why sir.
    Hr: so the syllabus is very much stressful to you!.......
    Me: no, not at all sir. It is not stressful. But it is too much compact.
    Hr: ok. Tell me the last topic u read in the technical magazine.
    Me: it is the iphone sir.
    Hr: what are the new features of it?
    Me: (I don?t have much more knowledge about it. So I just say?.) it?s an amazing thing sir. The features are really too good. There is also the mobile tv and? (then I told some of the features of mobile tv as I knew it).
    Hr: can u speak hindi?
    Me: yes sir. To some extent. But not so good.
    Hr: tell me some thing about ur family backgrounds.
    Me: (answerd).
    Hr: ok indrani??? do u have any quest to ask me regarding cognizant?
    Me: yes sir. I have 1. How is the day 1 experience in cognizant of the Freshers?
    Hr: when I?ve joined it was different. Some interactions are there with the seniors, and all? but things are changing day by day. Now it is different. And I?ll not be able to explain u that experience bcoz now I?m not a fresher in cognizant. But I can say that definitely it will be a great day for u if u get the opportunity. I hope that u have got ur answer. Isn?t it?
    Me: yes sir. Thank u sir.
    Hr: nice to met u. thank u.
    Me: have a good day sir.

    The time was nearly 5 pm. the total interview session was closed at nearly 7:30 pm. the result came at nearly 9:35 pm. the result are announced panel wise. From my panel the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, &7th persons are declared one by one. Suddenly after that they announce the 15th panel. I thought that I?m not that much lucky. But after the half of 16th panel they announced my name and the 3rd person?s name who was just b4 me. And I just get shocked!.......

    After that they announced the other names. Then they handover the offer letters. And lastly there was a small celebration with a biggggggggggg cake. And that?s all???. This was my experience with cognizant on 19th Feb, 2008.



     --- Indrani Kundu.
    3rd yr. IT.
    St. Thomas? College Of Engineering & Technology (Kolkata).

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