CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Navalur-27 Dec 2005

CTS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Navalur-27 Dec 2005

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hellow friends,
    I was bit carried away by the failure in the CTS HR round and so i was not able to share my experience to u guys.. i shed away my worries and write my experience to u.....
    my friend Muthu and myself cleared the apps round.. and he had the interview at D(["mb","2.30 p.m and myself at 3.30p.m on 28th december 2005. we both reached the CTS(Navalur) at around 1.30 p.m we have to clear all the formalities in the entrance and they gave us some paper nand asked us to fill it.. we went inside with the form.. it has nquestions like

    1) ur name?
    2) ur degree?
    3)ur stream?
    4) ur aggregate?
    5)y CTS?
    6) y software field?

    7) what do u think r needed to be succesfull in software field and what do u think u have to be successfull in the IT field?

    8) wht r the software orientation that u have?
    9)ur hobbies?
    there were totally 12 questions..
    finishing this they asked us to go to another block.where the actual interview took place.
    i was allocated panel 2 which comprise of two people one lady and another gentle man.Both were in their early 30s.
    i greeted them both, and they both offered me chair. i thanked them for that.
    now let me brief u the interview to u guys.
    gentle men:Tell me about urself.
    me: im Ajeeth.M vagera vagera vagera......
    gentle man: fine:tell me about ur project..
    me: i basically did two project, one as a course project in ANNA university embedded system course and another as a degree project.
    My course project is wireless control of crane model and i explanied it using some paper.. then my degree project is secured data communication and i explained it to them..
    Lady: what is the frequency of operation of ur RF module?(RF Radio Frequency module)
    Lady: what is the modulation type that u used in ur project?
    Me: ASK.
    Lady: what r the other type of modulation available?
    Gentle man:can u explain all the things briefly?
    Me: i did it..
    then the gentle men had a glance over my Resume..
    gentle man: tell me ur role in ur project..
    Me:i was the dealing with the software part of my project. i was developing programs in C language in our project.
    Lady:so u r good in C?
    Me: s
    Lady: can u write a program to find whether the give number is prime r not?
    Me:\n sure. and i wrote the program and explained it to them.
    Lady: r u sure this program will execute?
    Me: s im confident.
    gentle man: we will wind up.
    Me:thank\nu very much.(and this is the important part. i gave a good smile for\nwhich the response was a good decent smile from them. which\ngave me a hint that

    i gonna click this time and i did)
    i hope it will be usefull to u guys sharing my interview experience with u guys..
    With regards,,,,

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